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If you a trying to get more visibility and credibility by getting national publicity for you or your business, you need to know you’re not alone. Tens of thousands of people are trying to do the same thing. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

You ARE missing out on great publicity opportunities, however, if you don’t focus on local media as well.

In addition to national media that reaches your target market, you should also focus on local reporters and journalists working in area TV and radio stations, as well as newspapers, magazines and newsletters. Unlike the big national media, the smaller, localized media outlets usually do not have the same amount of staff and resources. So it’s much easier to get the exposure you seek if you present yourself to the local reporters as someone who can help them do their jobs.

Read the tips below to get ideas on how to build your own local publicity program:

1. Take a few minutes every day and see what’s happening in the news; then create a press release around that! This is called ‘piggybacking’, which simply means monitoring national stories and giving them a local angle so they are applicable to your particular area or city.

2. Another alternative to achieve good publicity and free exposure is to appear as a person to interview on the local radio stations. It is well known that fascinating and entertaining guests are always in demand by radio stations and disc jockeys (DJs). But remember that the typical press release doesn’t cut it with radio personalities since they are not really in the news media business. They are in the entertainment business.

In its place, send them the info that shows why your subject matter, product and/or service is of interest. This also gives them an impression of what kind of person to interview you would likely be. You want them to see you as a great guest to feature, so also include some applicable questions that you think they ought to ask you in the interview.

3. Connect with reporters and editors in person. Make plans to meet them and do what we call in the publicity business: information interviews. This is not the opportunity for you to pitch your product, service and/or subject matter, etc.

Instead, these are opportunities for you to understand information that will benefit your media relations program. From these meetings you can find out what a journalist essentially looks for in a possible story. You can find out how want to get  their information and even what time is the most advantageous time to contact them. It’s also a good idea (a good manners) to show your appreciation by sending a thank you note after the meetings you have with them.

4. One excellent way to get free publicity is one that is seldom used: letters to the editor. It’s a shame, since it’s one of the most read sections of any magazine or newspaper. To uncover a issue to write about, simply check the news until a story is discussed that by some means pertains to you and your business. You can decide to respond to a story by stating your views as to why you agree or disagree with it.

Just remember, newspapers tend to print short letters instead of long ones, so, keep your letter to no more than three hundred words. You might just find that a reporter will contact you to interview you as an established expert, if your letter was well written and concise, as well as interesting, relevant and informative.

Local coverage is important to your overall visibility and branding. You never know when a local story will be pulled out up by a national outlet. The key is to remember the word ‘city’ is already in the word publiCITY.

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