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Can you create a viral marketing campaign that adds more profits to your business? Most people think a viral marketing idea is more of a vague phenomenon that either happens on its own or it doesn’t.

But you do have some control and some opportunities to make viral marketing ideas work for you.

Creating a viral buzz is an art, but it’s also in large part a science. Here are the most important components:

Do Something Completely Off the Wall

Things that are interesting get “likes.” Things that are completely off the wall, completely out of the blue and completely original actually get shared and reposted.

The things that tend to go viral tend to be edgy and mildly not politically correct. If your brand supports that kind of marketing, you’ll have to consciously decide whether you’re willing to take the risk by launching these kinds of campaigns.

For example, my infamous ‘Cherry Bombs‘ always get a lot of buzz. People share the posts on social media and in emails. They have become so popular, I will sometimes see someone post “Here’s my own Cherry Bomb“!

Write Down Your Crazy Ideas

Once you start thinking about wacky viral marketing ideas, you’ll probably start having ideas left and right.

It’s really important that you write these ideas down quickly and keep them all in one place.

It’s very hard to hold more than one good idea in your head at any one time. If you have three great ideas, chances are at least one will get left in the dust.

Write all your promotion ideas down, even if you won’t actually act on them for a few months.

The Viral Launching Pad

For a viral campaign to take off, you need to have a base of people who start spreading the word for you. While nobody actually knows how many people needed for your project to have a chance to go viral, most viral marketing experts estimate it at more than 1,000 people but less than 10,000 people.

So how do you get 1,000+ people to see your viral campaign?

Of course, the easiest way is to have an existing user base.  But what if you don’t?

Create a viral report that’s brandable.

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