How to Attract More Money Part 2 – Releasing the Shame

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In a past article, I started my How to Attract More Money Series. If you missed part one – feel free to check it out here (but don’t worry – you can still read part 2 below):

How To Attract More Money Part 1 – Your Money Why – Click Here to read Part 1

Now for Part 2- Releasing Your Money Shame.

Many of us are carrying a significant amount of money shame and we don’t even realize it. Here’s a quick quiz to determine how much shame you are carrying:

Do you beat yourself up and worry about how much debt is on your credit cards?

Do you owe people money and worry every time you think about it?

Do you wish you hadn’t invested in certain programs for your business?

Are you ashamed that you aren’t far enough in your business?

Do you hide just how much money you’ve spent on your business?

Do you secretly get upset when you see others doing well, when you seem to be stuck?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are carrying money shame. Money shame is common and has been passed on from generation to generation. It is so pervasive that many of us don’t even know we are carrying it. It feels like a mixture of fear, guilt, overwhelm and worry and it comes up when you look at your bank accounts, your bills, and/or your credit cards. For some of you it’s present all the time.  For others it comes up only when triggered by certain events.

The way it usually shows up is through a large amount of beating yourself up. You tell yourself you should not have spent so much. You get angry with yourself for investing in programs or other expenses that didn’t pan out. You literally get scared and anxious every time you look at your bank accounts or your credit cards.

And for most of you this causes you to freeze up, procrastinate and give up. It shows up as wasting time on Facebook, watching TV in the middle of the day and shying away from actually doing the things that will generate money.

Here’s some great ways to release shame.  

First, understand that your bank account numbers do not represent where you are now. They are a result of all of the activities that you have done in the last 6 months to the last 6 years. You are a different person in this moment. Those numbers are just information. They are guideposts to the actions that you can do now to shift both your actions and your outcomes.

Second, forgive yourself for the debt that you accumulated. Yes, genuine forgiveness. It’s Ok that you spent that money. You did what you needed to do when you needed to do it.

This part is not trivial. Many of you are carrying anger, shame, and disappointment around your debt. The best way to forgive yourself is to grab your last credit card statement (or look at it online). Look at the statement. Take a deep breath. Then repeat these statements, “I forgive myself. I am powerful. I will pay this off.” Keep repeating them until you start to feel the fear dissipate. I know this sounds a bit woo woo. I get it. But it works. I wouldn’t write it if it didn’t.

Third, understand that running a business is all about taking risks. Sometimes the investments pay off and sometimes they don’t. The key to staying out of shame around your choices is to get really smart about generating revenue. As a long-time entrepreneur and the daughter of another entrepreneur – I grew up around those who made great money.

Every successful entrepreneur I know (including yours truly) has lost money. The key is that they don’t focus on the loss. They focus on how they are going to generate more. It’s all about creating breakthroughs around your revenue.

So, if you are focusing on the fear and shame in your business – there’s very little space for opportunity and the creation of MORE.

Understand that your numbers are who you used to be, not who you are right now. Release the shame around your debt and focus on generating revenue. You’ll start to feel better immediately.

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