How to Build a Business Support System

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When you’re an employee you typically have co-workers and a boss to help support you as you get your job done.

As a solo entrepreneur who do you turn to?

Typically you’ll be looking for a Board of Advisors for your business such as your Attorney, Accountant and possibly Bookkeeper.

But what happens beyond them? Who else should you consider having as a trusted team of supporters?

Finding the right support system can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know who to trust and what you need.

Being a Solo Entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you have to go it completely alone. Did you know that most entrepreneurs have a trusted team of supporters and advisors? You’ll want the same for your business.

Here are a few types of individuals and or resources I’ve found helpful to help support me and my business. You may consider doing the same. (They’re in no particular order)


The most successful entrepreneurs have trusted advisors who may include mentors, coaches, strategists, consultants and or experts. They can be individuals who fill in the learning curve or support you in an area of your life or business that requires further development. Often times business owners think they can mentor themselves but I challenge that notion by saying, “How can you mentor yourself on something you’ve never experienced?”. Seek support where you need it. It will propel you.

Business Colleagues/Friends-

There are individuals who are at the same level that you may be in but they could have very different business models. They may not be able to provide the same support that a mentor might but they can reassure you and support you by validating that what you’re experiencing is real. Many of my business colleagues and friends I’ve met at live events and through programs I’ve participated in. I’ve found them to be invaluable support people to my overall development.


Having an assistant who understands the direction you’re taking your business and knows how you’re running your business can be beneficial to your development. Not only will they be able to take more off your plate but they will be able to see what you may not be able to and help you make some necessary shifts when needed.

Groups and Forums –

These can be very supportive environments as you grow your business. You can ask questions from other individuals and learn from their questions. Try to look for established groups/forums that are led by leaders who have good reputations and are experts at what they do.

Mastermind Partner-

Having a partner or being part of a group of like minded individuals allows many minds to work on situations at one time. One of my favorite books, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill talks about how successful entrepreneurs use Masterminding for deeper growth and support. They can work very well especially if the individuals are all at the same level in their business growth.

Spouse and Family Members –

It’s not typical that an entrepreneur has a spouse who is an entrepreneur as well but most spouses are supportive of what their partner is doing. Share what is happening in your business. Share successes and the bumps in the road. You need the support from your loved ones to accomplish all that you’ve set out to do.
Forming a support system for you and your business is the key to your longevity. Begin looking for people you can lean on when you need it most. You’ll be glad you did!

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