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In today’s video strategy we’re talking about building your list with article marketing. Article marketing is actually one of hundreds of strategies for driving traffic to your website so that you can build your list. It’s a strategy that really works and yet it’s not something that a lot of entrepreneurs are talking about or know about.

Article marketing is quite simple. It’s the process by which you take your content, preferably pre-existing content from your blog or from your website, and you submit it to article directories on the web. Article directories are basically websites where you post your content so people can find you on the Internet.  Pretty simple.

When someone does a search for a particular phrase on Google, for example, your website may not come up right away, but your article will if it refers to what they searched for. This is a great way to attract new people to you who would be interested in your content and ultimately what you have to offer.

Once you submit your content, you can categorize it based on the topic, keywords and the message you’re looking to share. You can even do things like set up an author profile with a bio, picture and links back to your website.

When you submit your content to several article directories, I recommend you do it on a consistent basis and not as a one-time-only thing. This will increase your exposure and ultimately your visibility in a huge way. It’s a great way to grow your platform and drive more targeted traffic back to your website to get a free gift from you, preferably what we at call your Irresistible Free Offer, and then they can be added to your email subscriber list.

Your IFO can be a free report, a free checklist, a free video, a free audio or a free CD.  You have to give them something. When they sign up for your free offer they also get subscribed to your email list so that you can continue to give them great content and stay in touch with them. This is where the power of article marketing goes on overdrive – by driving traffic back to your site and at the same time converting those leads onto your list using your website.

The potential reach from article marketing is massive when you think about the number of new people who are out there searching for your content. They just don’t know about you or your website yet. It’s all about getting that out there.

The best part is you don’t have to go out and create more content to get this type of exposure and traffic. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We actually recommend that you use content that you’ve already created. Perhaps it’s an article that you’ve written in the past or a section of a book that you’ve written or any number of other pre-written content. That’s what we call recycling in the world of client attraction. It creates less work for you.

You’re basically leveraging content you’ve already created and using it to build your list. It’s a fantastic strategy. Now remember, just posting an article or a video to your blog or your website only works for nurturing the people that are already on your list. Article marketing is all about leveraging that same content on the web to attract new people to build your list even further.

Here’s the best part. It’s low-cost or really sometimes even no-cost to implement.  It takes very little time to do and it’s very little effort. It’s super, super easy.  Anybody can do it and get started literally right away.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

What is your article marketing strategy?  How are you, right now, taking your pre-existing content and actually getting it out to the web for increased visibility and bigger awareness to attract more visitors to your site?  What are you doing right now for article marketing?

The best place to start is just to do some research. Find a few article directories that are out there that you think would work the best for your market and start submitting your content beginning this week.  Yes, I said, “This week.” There’s no rest for the weary here at Client Attraction.  It’s about taking action and doing whatever it takes.

Fabienne Fredrickson is the founder of Boldheart® and (formerly The Client Attraction Business School and Originally celebrated for the creation of The Client Attraction System®, Fabienne’s company has repeatedly been ranked by Inc. magazine as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. She is the author of the upcoming book, The Leverage Mindset: How overwhelmed 6-figure business owners reach 7 figures (and gain their life back).

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