How to Find More Time In Your Day

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I have great news for you today, and I want you to take a second to read it, say it out loud, and let it sink in.

Is that a deal?  (I mean it.)

Ok, ready?

There is more than enough time today.

Time, our most valuable and most precious resource, is limited.  We have a finite amount of minutes in each day, in each week, in each lifetime.

I have yet to meet one business owner that doesn’t start out by saying, “I just don’t have enough time to do everything that needs to be done….Is there a way you can build more time into each day?  Now THAT would solve everything!”

Yes, it would solve the perceived lack of time obstacle.  But only for a little while.

Look at the people that you admire and that have accomplished a ton of amazing things in their lifetime.

Guess what (good news alert)?  They have the same amount of time in each day as you do.  The clock goes around and around and around at the exact same speed throughout their day as it does in yours.  Hooray-whoo-ha.

You can be Oprah successful.

You can be Michael Phelps successful.

You can be as successful as anyone you see, admire, or view as an inspiration.

Isn’t that exciting?  You have as much time in your day as the super-stars that you admire have !  If they can do a bunch of amazing things…you can too, right?

Time management is a misnomer.  The challenge is to manage ourselves.

While you are going to tell me that you don’t have the time to do what I’m about to suggest, I’m going to recommend it anyway and ask you consider to please consider it despite what you are thinking (and while you are it, please ask your Lizard Brain, your Inner Critic, your Saboteurs, etc., to please STFU for a few minutes.)

My challenge to you:  Take 10 to 15 minutes every morning to mentally prepare for your day.  Do this in a quiet place.  I suggest doing it in your room or even sitting in your parked car immediately after you drop your children off at school.  Set the timer on your phone for 15 minutes, close your eyes, and let yourself connect to where you are at that moment and where you want to be that day.

You see, amazing achievements are the result of doing small things, seemingly too-simple things, on a daily basis.  So, please take me up on this for the next 10 days.  Ok?  It’s not hard AND you’ll thank me later.  Pinky swear.

Your next obvious (and great) question is probably this:  what does it mean to mentally prepare?

It means that you center yourself and think about what – and who – you want to be today.  What would make the day feel like a “success” to you?  Do you want to be patient?  Do you want to be outgoing and happy during your networking events?  What do you want the day to entail and what are the most important things for you to do to accomplish those goals?  How can you step into the highest version of yourself and take the reigns as the CEO of your business and your life?

By taking a few minutes at the start of your day to clearly identify your intention for the day, you actually create the clarity and space to accomplish more.  Instead of starting the day off in the typical, harried fashion, you start it off in a calm and clearly focused manner.  Given this choice, most people would choose the latter option for their day.  Wouldn’t you?

If you find yourself embracing chaos during the day or realize that it’s time for lunch and you have yet to set your intention for the day, I have good news for you.  It’s never too late to start the day over.

Stop right then and there, find a quiet place, press PAUSE and REBOOT and choose how you want to show up for the rest of the day, then press PLAY once again.

It’s really that simple AND it’s completely, 100% up to you.

Please share your experiences in the comment section below.  Do you have morning routine that helps you to start off your day in a meaningful way?  If so, what is it?

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