How to Handle “I Need To Think About It”

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Have you ever heard this from a potential client?

What is your automatic response when a potential customer says this to you?

Do you respond with, “ok, that’s nice.  Call me whenever you’ve had enough time to think about it.  BYE.”?

Or do you help lead the customer so that she can achieve or overcome whatever it is that brought her to the conversation?  Perfectly content people that have everything that they need do not get on the phone with a health coach or business coach or a consultant of any type because they don’t have a “gap” to fill between where they are and where they want to be.

You can be confident that the person on the other end of the conversation wants something to be different in their life or their business.

And they want to have the courage to invest in themselves by working with you.

This is why selling is such a vitally important service that you provide for your not-quite-clients-yet during your one on one sales conversations.

Repeat after me (yes, go on – read it out loud):

“I am being of service to the person on the other end of the phone when I help her to make a clear decision.  I help her to see the line that she is drawing in the sand.

I help my amazing peeps to commit to moving forward or to consciously commit to staying where they are.  I’m not attached to the decision that they make.  I help them to see what’s possible and then let them choose how much they really want it.”

Ok, so what the heck are you supposed to do when someone says that they need to think about it?

Great question.  I’m so glad that you asked.

The first thing that I teach my clients to do in this situation is to acknowledge what was just said.  It could be something as simple as, “Thank you, Krista, for sharing that with me.  I appreciate you wanting to take some time to think about it.”  This puts them at ease and you back in the drivers seat.

Next, I go on to ask several more questions:

“Krista, is it OK if I explore this a little further so that I’m clear about what you need more time to think about?”

When she says “Yes”, she is giving you permission to help her get past her own limiting beliefs.

This is your chance to lead her to where she wants to be.  I recommend saying something like, “You know, Krista, you sound really excited and I’m wondering what else you need to think about.  I’m asking this because many times fear holds us back from stepping into the life that we really want. Sometimes it seems easier to simply play it safe and stay stuck.

I know you have the potential to create the changes that you want.  I can feel it.  And if you were able to accomplish this on your own, you wouldn’t be here today.  I’m not saying that to be harsh, I’m saying that because I have helped many people just like you to achieve the exact same things that we discussed today.

And, Krista, I was scared the first time that I invested in myself and hired a coach.  I asked myself all kinds of questions, like:

Am I going to get my return on investment?

Do I believe in myself enough to do the work?

What happens if nothing changes?

Then, I started asking myself these questions instead:

What is it I want to be different?

What would it look like if I actually achieved it?

What was the cost of doing nothing?

What I do know, Krista, is that you CAN do this and I would love to support you through the process.”

Next, check in.  “Ok, so I just did a whole lot of talking. What’s going on over there on your side of the phone?”  Pause and let an authentic conversation take place.

This next step is critical: 
ask if it’s ok to schedule a time to reconnect.  Remind them about the decisive action bonus (you can offer a $100 discount on your services, an irresistible bonus, etc.) that is available to them when they do decide to work with you within 48 hours.

Put the follow up call on your calendar and call your (soon-to-be) client at the scheduled time.

How have you handled a situation like this with an ideal client?

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