How To Write An Ezine Article In Under 60 Minutes, Every Time

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One of the most powerful tools I’ve used to get my message across and connect with thousands of potential clients is the simple ezine.

Considering that an ezine is one of the least expensive ways to help build connection and trust, the power of this humble marketing tool should not be overlooked. And here’s why:

  • Your ezine is your “unpaid sales person”, helping you make sales of your programs, products and services
  • Your ezine is your way of offering quality content and showing that you are an expert
  • Your ezine is easy to produce, if you have the right system to follow
  • Your ezine “trains” your readers to follow you
  • Your ezine creates immediate credibility (when done correctly), helping you to attract ideal clients
  • Your ezine creates consistent connection with your audience, helping you to stay top of mind in their lives

But what if you hate to write, don’t know what to say or put off writing because it feels like too much work?

I get it…and help is here! Which is why I’m happy to share my “best practices” tips for creating your ezine content (think of this as your main article) in as little as 60 minutes or less.

Tip #1: Are You Trying To Write Too Much?

Ideally, your article only needs to be 500 words or less. If you’re writing more than that then please, step away from the computer!

Tip #2: 10 Minutes To Generate A Never-Ending Supply Of Article Ideas

Here is my trick for generating tons of great article ideas in under 10 minutes. First, set a timer. Then ask yourself, “If I were following my ideal client around for a day, what would I see, hear or experience that they struggle with?”

You’ll be instantly flooded with situations that you can easily turn into individual articles. Each idea will resonate with your ideal client and have them saying to themselves, “Wow! She really understands who I am!

Tip #3: Write Just Like You Speak (It’s Faster)

When I’m writing my ezine articles (just like this one!) I approach it as a personal conversation I’m having with one person — YOU! By visualizing that I’m writing to just one person, it keeps my writing personal.

Keep in mind that this is not high-school English class! So give yourself permission to be informal and real. People want to feel you showing up fully on the page!

Tip #4: Time Block Your Ezine Writing

Contrary to what most people might think, creativity does work well with structure. I have specific times each week I devote to writing my ezine. This way, you “train your brain” to get into creative mode. And, you won’t be tempted to put it off because it’s an activity already in your calendar.

Tip #5: Ask For Divine Inspiration

If I ever have writer’s block it’s because I’ve become disconnected from my truth in some way. To solve this, the day before I’m scheduled to work on my ezine I take a moment and say a prayer of intention that sounds something like this:

“I am so full of gratitude that I get to reach out and connect with so many people through my ezine. I love helping the women entrepreneurs I care about so much, learn how to make more money in their businesses. Please send me all the inspiration I need to write my article easily, my fingers flying on the keyboard. Thank you for this Divine Inspiration…I appreciate it!”

Remember, your ezine is meant to enlighten, inspire and to educate. So please, don’t try and turn your reader into an expert (that is YOUR role).

By following these tips you’ll produce an ezine that helps you attract new, ideal, paying clients like clockwork.

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