How Will They Ever Find You?

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A couple of weeks ago I received a July 4th greeting from someone whose list I had signed up for a while ago. Since I’m just getting going in the Twitterverse, I thought it would be a good idea to follow her on Twitter.

But nowhere in that email was a link to her website, let alone to her Twitter account.

And I was reminded of how important it is that we always – ALWAYS – make it easy for people to find us when they are ready to either do business with us or when they want more information – or to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Now, I know that she was just sending a greeting, and was not trying to sell anything, but a simple link back to her website as part of the signature in that greeting would have been appropriate and perfectly okay.

Ways to help people find you when they’re ready…

#1) Put a live link to your website, your Twitter account, your blog, and your Facebook or other social media accounts at the TOP of your eZine. Also put these links at the bottom and in other places, too. The idea is that these links are displayed in a prominent place.

I didn’t do this for a long time but now that I’ve started doing it, I’ve got more people visiting my site and following me on Twitter simply because they were asked to do so in a space in my eZine where they actually noticed it. (You can follow me on Twitter, if you’re so inclined, at @martymarsh.)

#2) Be sure that every email you send (yes, even your personal email) has a signature in it that promotes your business. If you put nothing else in your sig but your phone, fax, email, and web address, any recipient – and this includes emails forwarded to other people – will know how to contact you without having to do any work to do so.

In addition to your basic contact information, be sure to include a mention of a special report you are offering, or a special sale, or any promotional message you’d like to get out there. This is also an ideal way to promote a new service or product in advance to build excitement before your actual launch.

Including a graphic image of your actual signature also lends a personal touch to your emails. People will feel closer to you when they see an actual signature, even though they know full well that it’s a facsimile.

#3) It goes without saying – I hope – that your contact info needs to go in every ad or directory listing you place. Include all the ways that people can contact you since every person will have an individual personal preference.

That means phone, cell phone, fax (yes, some folks are still faxing), email, and web address. Nowadays, you should include your Twitter name and your Facebook name and other social media associations you have such as Linked-In and Faceplate.

#4) In your voicemail message that folks hear when you’re not available on the phone, be sure to give them alternative ways to reach you such as your email address or your website address.

You can also use that voicemail message to present a brief advertisement or promotion for your business. In your voicemail message you can also tell callers when you’ll be available again.

#5) If you are giving away a special report, be sure to put your contact info in the footer or header line. Easiest thing to put there is your website address. If someone, for some reason, comes by even just a single page from your report, they’ll easily know where it came from and how to find out more.

And as a sidenote here: One of my pet peeves is special reports — or any document, really — without page numbers. If someone prints out your report and for some reason all the pages get jumbled up, the only way they can easily put it all back together is if the page numbers are there. Seems rather logical doesn’t it? But I am still amazed at the number of reports I get that do not have page numbers. Grrrr!

The bottom line here is that your contact information should be on EVERYTHING you produce that other people will see.

Make it easy for people to reach you and you’ll see your contacts — and your sales — rise. Remember, people will rarely try twice to do business with you, and they certainly won’t if they have to work too hard to do so.

Every contact is another opportunity to bring someone else into your fold and hopefully, one day, turn them into a customer.

Marty Marsh believes that your successful business is the catalyst for creating massive positive change in the world. To that end, he specializes in helping you, the entrepreneurial change-agent, to attract your perfect clients and to grow your business quickly and with ease so you have the resources to truly make a difference in the lives of the people you serve. For more business development and marketing strategies for staying in touch with your ideal prospects, visit

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