I Want You to Notice When I’m Not Around: 5 Tips for Visibility Staying Power

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Everytime I hear “Creep” by Radiohead, the line “I want you to notice when I’m not around” sticks in my mind.

That’s the staying power of visibility- not just to be seen, but to be MISSED, to be sought out, to be longed for. This is all part of the emotional imprint that your business leaves on others.

Here are 5 tactics to make a lasting emotional imprint on your audience so they miss you when you’re not around… and keep you top of mind.

1. Video
By far, video is the best way to make a warm personal touchpoint with your audience. First of all, you don’t need to do just talking head stuff. Second of all, you don’t need to hard sell.

2. Blogging
Your blog should be the cornerstone of your online visibility strategy. Just look around here and see all that can happen: video, sales links, announcements… and building a strong connection with readers.  Be yourself and develop an engaging writing style that focuses on useful content. You’ll get fans who comment, share, and practically do your marketing for you.

3. Autoresponders
By now, autoresponders sound so old school internet marketing, but dang if they don’t work. I write my autoresponders so they read like a personal email. I put in my de facto smiley emoticons 🙂 and an indiscriminate use of exclamation points because that’s just how I write. (!!!) I want to introduce myself as a real, approachable person. With proper sequencing, your autoresponders can increase revenues by slowly moving someone from interested to invested.

4. Email Marketing / Ezine
Email marketing is alive and well! Emails and ezines give you the chance to create an even deeper bond with your readers, provide useful information, announcements, and personal touchpoints. A great example to study is Groupon. They don’t just tell you that haircuts at Suzy’s salon are 50% off today, they put in a back story with touches of humor. I love reading the descriptions of the offers as much as I love buying things at low prices.

5. RSS feeds
Another great thing about blogs (and YouTube channels and most any social site) is the ability to use the RSS feed to update people on new content. RSS feeds can pop up in a reader such as Google Reader, or they can be broadcast via email using a service like Feedblitz, Aweber, or MailChimp (the latter 3 require an opt in, Google Reader does not). All you need is to put your RSS feed link prominently on your site and make it easy for people to take action.

Actually, the song Creep has a mopey undertone, but the desire to be desired is a part of business. Put these 5 tips to use and get your followers to notice when you’re not around.

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