Isolation is the Enemy of Wealth

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At one of my events someone asked me a great question:  Monica, what do you think has caused the most difference in your business?

Three Things: Hiring a master coach, joining a high-end mastermind and avoiding isolation.

For years, I wondered why people raved about these masterminds. I thought it was better to work just one on one with a coach or figure it out on your own. And it wasn’t until I finally joined one that I truly understood the power of being part of a successful group of people.

Today I lead my own mastermind groups where I combine in person group meetings with private coaching and VIP strategy days.  At each live meeting, every member of my group has about 40 minutes to present her business in front of the group and get feedback.  The transformations have been amazing!

If you aren’t part of a mastermind group now, I suggest you find or form one, especially if you are ready to quantum leap this year.  Here are five reasons that masterminds are unbeatable when it comes to growing your business:

1.  Masterminds increase your possibilities and your horizon. When you see what other members of your group are accomplishing, suddenly it becomes possible for you to do the same.  For example, let’s say you’ve been avoiding public speaking.  Then your mastermind colleague reports that she created an extra $30,000 from a speaking event.  Suddenly, you think – well if she can do it, so can I.  Next thing you know, you are standing on a stage.

2.  Healthy competition drives you forward faster.  When the other members of your group are knocking it out of the ballpark and giving 110%, the last thing you want to do is report that you were sidelined by fear and eating bon-bons.  You play harder when those around you are doing the same.  The next thing you know your income has taken a huge leap forward.

3.  You’ll learn more about yourself in a group setting than anywhere else. There is something amazing that happens with collective group-think.   You can’t hide!  The group will see where you are holding back and getting in your own way.  It will identify where the holes in your business are and where you could use some mindset shifts.

And the transformation happens fast and furiously, much faster than months of working one on one.

4.  More partnerships and collaboration.  Your group members will become loyal friends and powerful partners.  It’s hard to create these kinds of relationships when you are working from home in your pajamas.   But when you come together 3 or 4 times a year and you speak on the phone, suddenly, you’ve got a whole army of joint venture partners, collaborators and cheerleaders.

My only regret is that I wish I had joined a group like this sooner in my career.  For those of you that are feeling isolated and stuck – masterminding is the perfect remedy. Isolation is the enemy of wealth!  Which leads to the fifth reason to join a mastermind group.

5. Masterminds remove the tendency of isolation that many entrepreneurs encounter.  It is so much easier when we plug into a group of like minded women/men as it limits the opportunity to sink into isolation.  When we place ourselves into a position of isolation we tend to lose the momentum and success we would see if we were plugged into a group.

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