Are You Just Hearing Your Clients or Are You Listening to Your Clients? – Part 1

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I have discovered that many people do not know the difference between hearing and listening.

Are you listening to your clients or just hearing them/woman with hand to ear

Did you know that the difference between hearing and listening could be your 1) getting a new client, 2) getting invited to a high-end event, 3) being able to share the stage with someone very prominent, 4) getting the business deal of a lifetime, or 5) getting an opportunity to be recognized for something fabulous that you have done.

So what is the difference when we hear so many things throughout our busy day?

Well here’s the difference: hearing is through the ears, but listening is through the mind.

Most of us hear things all day long – but those that listen get those great tidbits of information, get invited to awesome events, are well-known on Facebook, and they always seem to get those wonderful clients.

So here’s the skinny!

For example, hearing is when you experience the sound waves and noise by ears, but listening is when you receive the sound waves and understand it by paying full attention to the words and sentences of the person speaking.

For many people, these two activities are one, but the truth is, the difference between hearing and listening is vital and can: 1) make or break a career, 2) lead to failure versus success of a business, or 3) the difference between a positive relationship with someone versus enduring a negative one – and so on and so one!

Definition of Hearing: The natural ability or an inborn trait that allows us to recognize sound through ears by catching vibrations is called hearing.

It is an involuntary process, whereby a person receives sound vibrations, continuously.

Definition of Listening: Listening is defined as the learned skill, in which we can receive sounds through ears, and transform them into meaningful messages.

To put it simply, it is the process of diligently hearing and interpreting the meaning of words and sentences spoken by the speaker, during the conversation.

Listening is a bit difficult, because it requires concentration and attention, and unfortunately the human mind is easily distracted.

People use listening as a technique to comprehend, what is being said, through different verbal and non-verbal signs,( i.e., How it is being said? What types of words are used? Tone and pitch of voice, body language and so on).

So active listening is the key element that makes the communication process effective. Listening has a greater influence in our lives and it is one of the most important things a high-achieving business or career woman can do is to gain information, learn, understand and be more successful and get ahead in life.

To boil it down: if you want people to listen to you, first listen to them. And when you do talk, focus on topics they find interesting, and paint a vivid picture – use clear, compelling words and images.

Going forward are you going to heard more or listen more?

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