List Building – 3 Tips to Hosting a Successful Giveaway or Telesummit

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Although I dislike the term list building (I prefer community building) there’s no question that engaging in activities that actively grow your list/community is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur.

There’s also no question that one of the quickest ways to grow your list/community is by having partners promote you.

And, despite all its issues, email is still the gold standard for any sort of promotion.

Okay, so knowing that one of the best and fastest ways to grow your list/community is by having partners send an email to their list/community, how can you make that happen?

Answer — by giving them something to promote. (And, in most cases, offering something valuable in exchange for your prospect’s contact information and permission to reach out to them, is the way to go.)

Two of the biggest ways to have partners promote you include you launching a product or program and having your partners promote it or you hosting some sort of free giveaway or telesummit/video summit, where you have partners who provide content and promote in exchange for also building their lists/communities.

I’ve covered launches in other posts, so today I thought I’d cover 3 tips to hosting a successful giveaway or telesummit.

But before I do that, let me quickly explain giveaways and telesummits/video summits.

Telesummits or video summits typically consist of you (as the host) interviewing your guests, and then allowing people to listen for free for a short time. (In many cases, after the free listening period, people can buy the recordings.) Telesummits are audio-only interviews whereas video summits are interviews via video.

Giveaways typically are a collection of content — maybe it’s checklists or templates or reports or something else entirely.

There are pros and cons to both telesummits and giveaways, which leads me to my first tip.

1. Make an informed decision on what you want to do. Telesummits and video summits have the ability to strengthen your connection to your community because they’re listening and/or watching you. You also have a way of making money after it’s over (because you can sell the recordings). Giveaways tend to have higher conversion, so you’ll get more people on your list, plus they tend to take less time. (Although make no mistake, either format can be pretty time intensive.)

So, the question becomes — do you want more people on your list, but those people may be less connected to you because they didn’t listen and/or watch you, or do you want fewer people but a stronger connection (plus a way to make money off of it)?

There’s no right or wrong answer, just what’s right for YOU.

2. Have a compelling, and specific, theme. Summits and giveaways that tend to not do as well are what I call “mushy” — they try to be too big and/or cover too much, which typically results in being too vague.

Examples of mushy things would include anything like “building a business around your life” or “healthy body, mind, soul habits” or “secrets for having it all — great relationships, health and business.”

All of those are too broad — people aren’t exactly sure if what you’re doing is going to help the specific problem keeping them up at night, and therefore they probably aren’t going to opt in to check it out. (Remember, people have a limited amount of time and energy and they typically don’t want to spend it wading through information that may or may not be helpful for them.)

Something that would be more specific and compelling would be “Get More Clients Now” or “Get Rid of Back Pain (Or Any Body Pain)” or “Find Your Soulmate.”

Those are specific problems keeping your ideal prospects up at night, so chances are they’re going to want to want to check out what you’re offering.

3. Offer an immediate download after they opt in (this is especially important if you’re doing a telesummit or video summit). People don’t want to wait for the solution to their problem — they typically want to get started right away. Offering them that chance will increase how many people opt in.

There are clearly more tips to having a successful giveaway or summit, but these 3 tips will at least get you started on the right path to hosting the right list/community building event for you.

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