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Have you heard the phrase, “little hinges swing big doors”?

The same is true for money. It’s the little actions you can take now that will add up to a big difference you’ll soon be able to see in your bank account.

Money is the perfect mirror for women stepping into and claiming their power, because money reflects where we may be playing small, acting as little girls or harboring secret fears that we may outshine important people in our lives if we’re “too successful”.

So, where to start? By making tiny shifts in your money mindset and money-handling habits you’ll begin the journey of getting this important part of your life in complete alignment and upleveled so you can quickly grow.

Net worth and self-worth need to be an integrated whole within you in order to fully express your magnificence in the world.

While this may sound lofty, it’s actually what women want most: to creatively and joyfully make a huge impact in the world…and be beautifully well paid for it in the process.

Here is a get-started sampling of my “little hinges swing big (money) doors” tips that you can easily implement today.

This Little Hinge: As odd as this may sound, begin appreciating and loving money

Don’t worry, loving money won’t turn you into a greedy person. It’s just that it’s impossible to feel anger, resentment, blame or shame in this one area without it ‘leaking’ into all other areas of your life and business.

Swings This “Big Money” Door…

Shifting your emotions regarding money means you stop ignoring your bank accounts, putting off raising your fees or taking other actions that put you confidently in the driver’s seat with money.

This Little Hinge: Don’t put off getting your bookkeeping in order

Many of my clients confess they don’t log receipts or update their books until tax time and by then the project feels overwhelming. Far better is to have a simple system for keeping your bills paid and receipts logged week by week so the task feels easy and manageable.

Swings This “Big Money” Door…

Keeping on top of how money flows in and out of your life gives you knowledge, power and the ability to make decisions before a situation becomes a problem. And if you’re someone who hates to “deal with money”, this little step will be the perfect catalyst for helping you get connected and to see where you need to put your on your financial “big girl panties”!

This Little Hinge: Raising your fees

How long has it been since you raised your fees? If it’s been more than 6 months or more than 6 clients then it’s time! Saying yes to a higher fee may stir up some strong emotions so it’s important to keep your energy focused on how raising your fees will help you. What’s key is expanding your energy, not contracting.

Swings This “Big Money” Door…

The simple act of raising your fees will pull you forward, helping you to see your value in a new light. Plus, higher fees tell the world you’re confident about the results you generate, helping others to see your value, too. And the money you generate from higher fees goes straight to your bottom line (this is a good thing!).

Plus, raising your fees can often help you create greater clarity about the people you serve and the results you support them to make. This way, you don’t have to “justify” higher fees because the reasons why you can charge more are clear and obvious!

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