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You have valuable real estate just wasting away each time you send a transactional email, such as the email password resets, thank you letters, welcome letters, receipts, etc. These automated letters have space for marketing messages especially if the recipient has to click through to another page.  What’s more, transactional emails have a higher deliverability rate and are more likely to be opened. Therefore, it’s important to make the most of them!

A transactional email has something the rest of email marketing messages don’t have: expectation. The customer is expecting to receive the email. It might be an acknowledgement that they signed up for a free report, or a receipt for their purchase, but the customer is expecting to receive it. Therefore, they are going to open it.  And the customer who is expecting an email message that they are going to open becomes a captive audience. When you have a captive audience it’s imperative to take advantage of the situation to extend relevant offers and / or seek customer feedback. It’s a chance to truly engage with the customer that you cannot pass up.

A good use of transactional emails is to include:

Get Answers — It’s a great time to ask the consumer a question. For instance, if your customer has downloaded your free eBook, send a thank you for downloading message that includes a survey so you can determine why they downloaded the eBook.

Get a Testimonial — If you have happy customers, your transactional email is a great place to solicit testimonials. Include a link to a testimonial area of your website or a link to your profile and ask for a recommendation. Provide a discount or something relevant for their testimonial.

Get Affiliates – People who have purchased from you are excellent candidates for your affiliate program. Your thank you for purchasing message should include a link to your affiliate program. You’ll get a better quality of affiliates from people who have bought your products and used your services than when you just let anyone become an affiliate.

Transactional emails give you an opportunity to engage further with your customer than any other type of email. You’ll be asking them to click here, to sign up for this, or to do some sort of action related to their initial transaction by adding other activities to the transactional email you take advantage of the pre-existing expectation that they’ll be required to do some action. They’re prepared for it, and will likely follow other instructions at this time.

It’s an opportunity for you as a business owner to further engage with the recipient in a meaningful way. Find out how to make your emails more meaningful and profitable with 20 to Plenty.

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