Money Rules – Creating Rules that Work for You

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We all have rules about how we live our lives. Sometimes those rules are set in stone and unchangeable. Other times they are variable depending on the day. We eat at a certain time. We sleep at a certain time. We only eat certain kinds of foods. We only say certain words. The list could go on and on.

We also have rules around our money. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you have created certain rules around your spending, saving and giving of money. Here are some examples of common rules:

  • I can’t spend money on something until I actually have the money to spend.
  • I can’t buy food at the airport because it is overpriced.
  • I never buy clothes at full price because it just isn’t worth it. I must look for the sales.
  • I feel guilty when I eat out at expensive restaurants because I shouldn’t be wasting my money.
  • I feel bad when I have debt, because it is shameful to put things on credit cards and not be able to pay them off.

Your parents and family created many of your rules as you were growing up and you’ve adopted them without realizing that you are still living by them.

Some of them work for you and create positive change in your life. Other rules are holding you back and causing unnecessary guilt and shame.

Part One: Identify Your Rules

Take a moment and answer the questions below. Do it without thinking, over-analyzing, judging or critique.

What rules have I created around:

  • How I spend my money:
  • How I save my money:
  • How I think about money:
  • How I manage my money:
  • How I make money:

And for an extra gold star, print this out and discuss it with a friend or colleague. You’ll be amazed at the rules that you have created for yourself.

I know that when I did this exercise, I was shocked to find so many rules that just don’t work for me anymore. For example, one of my rules was that you couldn’t take a break until you finished all of your work. Subconsciously I was feeling guilty every time I took a break, since there was no real way to finish all of my work. It made for very unhappy rest periods.

When I finally accepted that breaks were necessary no matter where you were in your work – life got easier.

Part Two: Create New Rules

Once you’ve identified your rules, it’s time to create new ones. What are some new rules that work for you around your spending, saving and making money?

Just look at the opposite of your current rules that aren’t working and write something that delights and inspires you.

My opposite was: Taking breaks fuels the fire for my amazing work.

Whether you do this exercise with pen and paper or whether you just sit and think about it; it is worth doing. Take the next five minutes and come up with at least one new money rule.

Now write it down on a piece of paper and put that paper on your morning mirror. Read it every morning for 90 days. Rinse. Repeat with a new rule.

Enjoy your new freedom.

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