Outsourcing – How to Work Less and Make More

By , The Turnaround Coach

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Janis Pettit - The Turnaround Coach

Does this chart look like your business model?

~ CEO=You
~ CFO=You
~ HUMAN RESOURCES = You ………………………………..

If so you have basically put a cap on how much you can earn and how successful your business can be. Yet so many small business owners use this model because they are afraid of either.

1. They can’t afford the help.
2. No one can do things as well as they do.

There was a time when I thought like this too. But when I started listening to mentors who’d made millions I came to realize that the only way to make a huge leap forward in my business was to get outsourced help. Outsourcing tasks is easier and cheaper than ever.

The truth about being successful is that you have 2 choices.

Choice #1 – Be kind of successful and work long hard hours

Choice #2 – Be insanely successful and work a couple hours a day

Now, give this some thought… which choice stands out to you as the clear cut winner here?

If you decided on choice #1 then you may just be a glutton for punishment and enjoy spending all day on your computer while sweating it out to make sure everything is done your way.

If you liked choice #2… well good for you, because that is the choice that will allow you to make more money – but even more importantly that choice will give you the time to enjoy your money.

So, how do you go about becoming insanely successful and working just a few hours a day? You leverage the skills and talents of others. Once I learned how easy and inexpensive it is to outsource, my life changed and my business soared and I want to share that knowledge with you.

And finally an expert at outsourcing, someone that has made millions by doing it, is going to reveal to you EVERYTHING there is to know about outsourcing your way to incredible success.

I’ve learned a lot from a young business success story, Jeff Mills. He transformed his own life from flat broke to Internet Millionaire by outsourcing, and he’s created an outsourcing resource guide and program that has saved me probably hundreds of hours.. Any small or solo business can win from these strategies and resources.

The number of tasks you can outsource inexpensively is mind boggling. Here are just a few:

1. Bookkeeping
2. Article submissions
3. Website maintenance and design
4. Bill paying
5. Blog and forum commenting
6. SEO
7. Research 8. Social network marketing
9. Graphic design
10. Direct mail campaigns
11. Product fulfillment
12. Sales calls

If you still think doing everything yourself is the way to go, then consider this… at some point you simply cannot do any more. At some point you just won’t be able to produce any more… and then where will you be? Best case is you’ll be profitable but stuck at a plateau. Worst case is you’ll burn out and send your business spiraling downward.

If you’re determined to create financial freedom in your business and your life, leverage the talents and skills of others to make more while working less!

Janis Pettit is known as the Big Results Business Design coach and marketing expert.  She’s owned four successful small businesses and, since 2002 has coached hundreds of small and solo business owners, helping them discover the most direct model and strategies to convert their ideas and knowledge into a high income lifestyle business. Register for her FREE webinar: How to Get and Keep All the Clients You Need which includes a complimentary copy of the Create a Client Windfall Quick Start Guide at http://smallbusiness-bigresults.com. Blog: http://janispettit.com.

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