Press Release Success: Boosting Business with Press Releases

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A great way to attract business and also to advertise your business effectively is in media coverage.

Getting the media to cover you can be the boost your business needs, especially when your target market is seven times more likely to read or watch a news story than an advertisement.

However, the more influential the media, the more difficult it is to get their attention. If you want to get past the media’s defenses and get some free publicity, you have to understand what they need.

Journalists tend to cover certain types of stories more often than not. They are always interested in topics such as:

  •     sex and relationships
  •     saving money
  •     education
  •     violence and corruption
  •     sexual harassment
  •     health and fitness
  •     Hollywood and celebrities
  •     sports
  •     money making or saving
  •     travel

Here are some examples to help you take full advantage of every opportunity presented to publicize your business:

1. Human-interest stories.

These are those stories that evoke emotion, whether it’s about a person or a project. One effective approach is to tell a rags-to-riches tale in your business. Think about the odds and struggles you have gone through as you have built your business and share them.

2. Tie soft news with a big current event.

This is called ‘piggybacking’ in the news business and is a great way to take a recent national headline and tie it in with your business, product or service. For example, if you are a wellness coach, you can establish yourself as an expert concerning obesity in children. You can comment on recent statistics on overweight children and how to reduce it. You are taking a headline that has already captured the attention of the audience and is providing a helpful solution.

3. The result of a customer survey or research.

The media is always interested in findings of a research or a survey. Be sure that the topics are suitable for your area of expertise and also to include controversial questions that will surely capture the media’s attention.

4. A top 10 list.

The simplicity of a top 10 list is fun to read and sure to attract attention. Use your area of expertise to create lists that will attract your media of choice’s target audience. If you are a lawyer, you can target those going through foreclosure through the Home and Living sections of the newspaper with such lists as The Top Ways to Fix Your Credit or 10 Ways to Budget Effectively to Prevent Foreclosures.

5. Prove a popular belief wrong.

Take a general assumption and put a controversial perspective to it. If you are trying to gain publicity for a credit card company, you can grab attention with headlines such as If you think your credit card company will protect you against identity theft, think again! However, do not turn this into an advertisement, simply talk about the statistics of identity theft and the helplessness that accompanies it. Later in the article, provide the edge that the credit card company you represent has over its competitors in protecting its customers against the slightest possibility of being victimized by identity fraud.

6. Cash in for being the first.

If your business is the first to have a free insurance protection plan or a 150% satisfaction guarantee policy, take advantage of it! The media will be interested in this story because the audience will be attracted to how they can benefit.

Which of these ideas you think you will implement first?

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