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If you’ve ever felt the thrill of suddenly having a financial windfall, no matter where it came from — signing on a new client, launching a program, landing your first higher-fee client or receiving an unexpected commission check — then only to see the money disappear by the end of the month, then you’ve probably wondered, “What just HAPPENED?!”

Most women entrepreneurs react to money, causing feelings of powerlessness or of not having any control.

Despite what it looks like on the outside, trust me when I say that money doesn’t control you.

You are MORE in control of money than you realize or give yourself credit for. The trick is mastering the right ways to BE in control, so that your finances begin to keep pace with your authentic purpose.

Here’s how it works:

On the inside, experiencing a financial windfall can often trigger old patterns of not good enough, guilt, shame or deservability. It doesn’t matter how much you “need” the money, unless you know what to do, these feelings pave the way for avoidance, denial or overspending… putting you right back to where you started.

Now, before you think, ‘Uh, oh” let me reassure you, creating an authentic income breakthrough is actually pretty simple. Think of it as:

Awareness + Alignment + Action = Your Authentic Income Breakthrough

I’m going to share the first steps with you right now. And the best part? These steps are super easy and nearly effortless to take.

Step #1. Get Wise To Your Patterns

If you can name the pattern that results in money leaks, you’re already a step ahead. For example:

Do you swing from overwork to exhaustion, creating wide gaps in your income?

Do you overspend as a way of avoiding feeling the emotion of having the goodies in life? 

Do you slip into “generously” giving money away to make up for feeling guilty?

Do you avoid discussing money or use secrecy to avoid conflict?

Listen, we ALL have our patterns, so the more ruthlessly honest you are with yourself here, the faster you’ll empower yourself to take control and get into aligned financial action.

Step #2. Give (or Get) Permission to Have More

I’ve had more women ask me to “give” them permission to make and keep more money than I can count. I’m always happy to give them a blessing, making it safe for them to be loved and accepted by someone they trust, so they can create greater income.

Why does this work? Because EVERY woman I’ve ever coached on money has someone in their life they have concerns about upsetting, making angry, disappointing, hurting or disempowering in some way, should she make and keep more money.

Please take this to heart: Your desire to be a catalyst in people’s lives means it’s your obligation to make more money. Because if you’re not, it means you’re stifling your purpose and not getting out there in the big, amazing way you are divinely meant to!

Step #3. Create Financial “Stickiness”

Do you track your income daily? And all of your expenses?

Do you have Bold Money Goals that pull you forward every 60 days?

Do you rely on over draft protection or do you have an amount you won’t allow your bank balance to dip below? (I call this your ” Warrior Line”).

Do you know in advance how much of your income month to month you’ll apply towards debt pay-down, investing in your business, regular expenses, periodic expenses.

Here’s a fabulous financial empowerment tip: Set aside a small amount every month earmarked specifically for periodic expenses. When they come up, you’ll have the money banked, keeping you from experiencing a financial “gotcha!” when you’re not expecting it.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Little hinges swing big doors”? 

When it comes to money I say, 

“Little actions create YOUR financial empowerment”.

Step #4. Generate Your Aligned Income Breakthrough

You’ll quickly begin to see proof of your aligned income breakthrough the first time you have money flowing in more days in a month than you didn’t.

Or when you have money left over at the end of the month, ready for you to sock away for something you really value and want.

And imagine how in control you’ll feel when you see a training course or workshop you want to take, and for the first time, you believe in your heart it’s an investment in yourself that WILL pay off.

Each of these examples are simply milestones on your Financial Empowerment Path. Just remember, it’s not a matter of, “When I have the money I’ll…” (did you catch how saying that is giving up your control and power?!).

Your Financial Empowerment Path is a journey you start today, in small, specific, practical ways.

After coaching thousands of women entrepreneurs on money, I promise that by taking the actions I teach, the income breakthroughs you want will come to you faster and easier than you’ve ever imagined!

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