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Years ago, when I started my coaching business I used teleseminars to:

    * Build my list
    * Test out new ideas by offering paid classes
    * Get crystal clear on what my clients would pay for
    * Form lucrative partnerships
    * Create name recognition and a reputation for delivering high quality info

Back then, it wasn’t unusual for me to deliver as many as five teleseminars each week. Sometimes I only had one person on the line. Other times I would get a few hundred onto a call. For a while I even taught teleseminar leader training.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. I now routinely attract several thousand people to my complimentary calls and my business is enjoying accelerated growth in large part because of those early years of “paying my dues” via teleseminars.

Those early years may be behind me but teleseminars are still a lucrative part of my business. Which is why I want to share my personal tips on how you too, can use this ultra convenient way of marketing your business to help you accelerate your results, just like I have.

Teleseminar Tip #1 Get The Timing Right

If you allow too much time between announcing your preview call and delivering the call your campaign can quickly run out of energy. I recommend allowing approximately 2 1/2 to 3 weeks between your first announcement and the delivery of your preview call. Allow another 3 weeks between delivering the preview call and delivering the paid teleseminar.

Teleseminar Tip #2 Create A “Hooky” Title

Keep your title simple and benefit rich and you’ll catch a lot more interest than trying to be cute and clever.

Popular words to use include:

Secret, Revealed, Behind the scenes, Solve, How to, Learn how, Simple

Be sure to clearly explain the reason WHY someone should register for your teleseminar. Focus on the end result they’ll receive, not on the process you take them through.

Teleseminar Tip #3 Get People Marketing For You

Be sure to sprinkle invitations throughout your registration page, thank you page and promo emails for readers to forward info about your upcoming call to their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. You’ll be surprised at how many more registrations you’ll receive by using this one simple strategy.

Teleseminar Tip #4 It Takes More Emails Than You Think

No one likes to be a pest but truthfully, you’ll need to send more emails than you might initially be comfortable with. For example, 24 hours before your complimentary call plan on sending a minimum of four emails either inviting new folks to register or reminding current participants to come to the call.

Teleseminar Tip #5 Don’t Take Your Numbers Personally

Not every call will be filled with hundreds, or even thousands of participants. If you occasionally don’t have a great turn out, don’t worry about it. If you consistently get low numbers then get creative and play with your title. Remember, every teleseminar campaign is an opportunity to learn and grow your business savvy so be easy on yourself.

Every Business Can Use Teleseminars As A Savvy Part Of Your Marketing

Once you get the hang of marketing your teleseminars you’ll be thrilled and delighted at just how much value they add to your business. If you’re looking to add leverage to your business so you reach more people with less effort, then teleseminars are sure to be an important part of your marketing from here on!

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