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Today, after almost six months without contact, I gave a courtesy call to a client, the representative of a wonderful organization that I’ve really enjoyed working with in the past.

Are you in the car behind me, she asked.

No, I laughed, should I be?

She continued, you see, I’ve just turned off the highway into your town.  I thought maybe you saw me in the car?

No, I was just thinking about you, wondering what you guys are up to, how everything is?, I replied, I’m in my office!

How strange, she said.  Will you come and meet us for coffee, we’re getting together, she added referring to her colleague, we’d both love to see you and have some ideas and plans to discuss with you!

I’d love to, I said.

As I drove up to the coffee shop where they were meeting, I was smiling to myself thinking about how the universe delivers every single time….. I realized that it is exactly a year since my first meeting with these wonderful women.

It was the same kind of day; with a warm breeze, the feeling that spring is here and summer not far away.  The purple blossom on the big tree at the edge of my neighborhood had just taken me by surprise.    Every year it seems to appear overnight and then there is the magical two weeks where every day you think it can’t possibly get more beautiful, and it does!

Exactly a year ago, I had responded to a query on a local forum.  They were looking for some support in public speaking skills and it is a non-profit who’s ideology I love!  They asked to meet with me immediately.  The meeting happened the very next day.  I had done no preparation whatsoever.  I met with them and simply told them my story; the story of who I am, what I do and how I could help their organization.  And of course why I wanted to!

I was not at all nervous, I was not even slightly stressed.  I just told my story.

And they loved it.  Two days later, when a presenter dropped out of an important meeting they were holding, guess who they called?  Yes, and I jumped at the chance to work with them and that led to another 6 workshops.

Never underestimate how powerful your story is. When you are ready to tell it at the drop of a hat, amazing opportunities arise.

I have seen this happen again and again.  When you can easily and eloquently articulate what it is that you do, what your blessings are in the world and how you can serve others…..the universe delivers the chances for you to do just that!  And you’ll get well paid for it too!

Just as the blossom on the trees sneak up on me every year, the opportunities to learn, grow, serve and contribute are there at exactly the right time, sometimes hiding, sometimes right in front of my eyes.

The trick is to pay attention, to notice the beauty, the opportunity and to be ready to take action and be truly grateful as it manifests.

Your story is the key to being ready to take action – so if you don’t know how to tell it, now’s the time to find out!

There has never been a better time for you to start realizing how powerful your story is!

I’d love to hear about chance meetings that became opportunities for you, won’t you write a comment below?

Best wishes and best stories.

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story.  You can download Lisa's ebook "Using Stories to Get Great Clients" at

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