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People will sign up for your list and download your premium offer and then promptly forget who you are. It’s one of the hazards of doing business online. People are out there searching for things they’re interested in, they run across you – and likely hundreds more like you — they like the sound of what you’re offering, confirm to be on your list, and then later on, sometimes will wonder why they got on your list in the first place.

Too often, in their quest to keep their in-box at zero and if they’re not getting what they want, they’ll unsubscribe from your list or worse, click their SPAM button to get off.

The first key to keeping people engaged with you and what you are mailing to them is to give them what they asked for when they first got on your list: the information that you promised them you’d provide.

I’ve certainly been guilty of not being consistent with this in the past because I’ve often been unsure exactly what it was that I wanted to provide and have changed my mind often. People lose interest really quickly if you’re not providing them what they expect from you. For example, if you promise weight loss information but then give them time management advice, they’re left confused as to why they are on your list. They were expecting weight loss tips. Of course, if you relate time management as a way to achieve weight loss then you’re still delivering what you promised.

In addition to giving them what they want in the way of information, you need to keep reminding them about who you are and what you do. You can accomplish this easily enough by including a short bio in every ezine or print newsletter you publish. You can use the same bio or a variation whenever you publish articles in other media.

Keep your bio simple

No need to overwhelm them with too much information. Use your bio to say who you are and to briefly define the benefits you provide for people who work with you. Your bio is also a subtle way to promote something you might be offering or selling.

And while you are probably particularly proud of your degrees, certifications and accomplishments, these things mean little in the eyes of the prospect. Remember, they are expecting you to help them solve their problems and your degree is not likely to convey that information. Save all of that for your About page if its important to you.

As I’ve changed up my business model over the last few weeks, thinking about my bio has helped me get more clear about what it is I’m offering to potential clients, to wit:

    “Marty Marsh helps his fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners attract and keep more clients with creative, yet affordable, relationship-building marketing and promotional materials including newsletters, postcards, greeting cards, books, brochures and more. To discover a variety of affordable promotional options, please visit Marty’s website at”

The reality is I do much more than that in the world of marketing. I teach about various marketing strategies and tactics, I consult, I do graphic design, I help people make marketing plans. But the focus of my business is to provide marketing and promotional materials – printed items (usually) that one can hold in their hand and/or receive through the mail.

For years I’ve done ad layouts for people advertising in a publication I’ve been working with for nearly a quarter century (yikes!) and most of the time those people I’m doing the ad for have no idea that I can help them with other marketing things too like their brochure or a website.

So in your ezine or print newsletter, it is also helpful to include a listing or a description of the many services — and products if you have them – that you offer your clients. And you may find that the service listing is all you need as your bio might be redundant information. You can decide which is the best for you: one or the other or both.

My service listing looks something like this:

    “Even if you conduct your business strictly online, I help you connect and communicate with your people to build long-lasting relationships with them primarily through a variety of OFFline marketing strategies. Every item I produce for you is designed with one purpose in mind: to help you attract more business than you can handle.

    In addition to creating marketing materials that really look great and help you project exactly the kind of image you want, I bring more than a quarter century of marketing experience to the mix so that not only do your materials look good, but every word is crafted to give your message maximum selling impact whether that’s a newsletter, a postcard, a brochure, a book, or a coffee mug.

    I offer a variety of custom and semi-custom marketing solutions to suit every budget. In addition, I love to consult one-2-one with entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business, are open to – and willing to try – creative marketing ideas, and understand the value in creating a marketing program that includes a variety of channels for reaching their audience.

    I’d be delighted to help you create ads, newsletters, postcards, bookmarks, business cards, books, brochures and other printed marketing and promotional materials. Additionally, I’m available to help you integrate your offline marketing strategies with your online strategies as well. So if you need help in creating and implementing online marketing strategies such as a website, a blogsite, an ezine, an autoresponder series, or any other online marketing tactic, then I’d be happy to help you with those, too.

    The best way to find out how OFFline marketing can bring you ONline success is to request samples of my work. Click here if you are in the United States or Canada and I’ll send you samples of exciting and fun items that you can use to promote your own business.”

Now, even though I’m obviously promoting what I do so that you, my reader, will be more aware of what I offer, my real point here is to get you thinking about how you can convey what you do and how you help your clients by using a Bio and a Services Listing that you put in your ezines, on your blog or website, and in your newsletters and other marketing materials, where appropriate.

Marty Marsh believes that your successful business is the catalyst for creating massive positive change in the world. To that end, he specializes in helping you, the entrepreneurial change-agent, to attract your perfect clients and to grow your business quickly and with ease so you have the resources to truly make a difference in the lives of the people you serve. For more business development and marketing strategies for staying in touch with your ideal prospects, visit

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