How Being Spiritual Equals Sales

By , Intuitive Business & Confidence Coach

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Amunet Burgueno - Intuitive Business & Confidence Coach

Sales is a deeply spiritual practice when done with intention and integrity. Have you ever felt slimy or disingenuous when having a sales conversation? I know I have before. I would have a million thoughts going through my head about what the potential client would think of me when I said my prices, or that they would think I was selfish or greedy for selling my services.

Those types of thoughts are our ego at play, and it’s preventing us from creating a sacred space of transformation for our potential clients.

Sales can be deeply spiritual for you, and your potential client, when you set your intention to be of their highest and best good during the sales conversation.

Sales is spiritual when you help shine a light on the pain that’s inside of them that’s literally preventing them from getting what they want.

Attachment to getting the sale is also our ego at play.

We know that money helps us feel safe. It makes me feel safe, and it really took some time and deep inner work for me to release my attachment to “getting” a sale (aka – helping someone).

I know how HARD it is to let go of your fear about money! And I have worked through some really strong fears in my life in relation to money, and I continue to create a healthy relationship with money.

I literally had to breathe through my fear around money, and it sucked. It’s better now, but it still wants to rear its ugly head from time to time.

So how do you release your fear of not having enough money? The first thing to do is shine a light on the fear.

In an enrollment conversation, part of your job is to shine a light on what’s holding your potential client back.  Back from getting what they want, so treat yourself like you’re your own client.

Write out your fears about money.

Here were some of mine:

  • My family will be homeless.
  • My family won’t have enough food.
  • I will have failed if I don’t make enough money.
  • I shouldn’t have become an entrepreneur because it would have been safer to have a 9 to 5.

Thoughts along those lines (they are different for each of us) generate feelings of fear. This is what stops us in our tracks, plus it sends a subconscious message to our potential clients that we NEED them to buy what we’re selling. This creates an imbalance in the conversation, and takes us out of creating the space needed for them to transform.

So now, what can you do about it?

Write out your fears about money and the sales process, and then write out a rational response that is believable to you.


Limiting fear belief about money. 

I will have failed if I don’t make enough money.

Rational response.

It’s okay to fail, and I’ve made money in the past, which means I can continue to make money. I can course correct along the way to increase the amount of money I can make.

Then clear the feeling associated with the thought of (whatever your fear was) not making enough money from your body. Often, we aren’t aware of the emotions we are carrying in our body, or if you are, the depth of those emotions.

Here’s what I know. You can only ignore your emotions for so long before they start to mess with your sales process.

Self-mastery = Sales mastery = More $$$

Self-mastery allows the sales process to become much more powerful, and in turn more spiritual, because you’re creating the space for true change in your potential client.

Imagine that your potential client goes without your service because your fear was screwing with the process.

That sucks for both of you.

It sucks for you because you were in fear for most of the conversation, or at least when you started talking about your prices, and it sucks for them because they didn’t say yes, which means they will typically keep their problem.

So the question is: are you ready to do inner work to create more powerful results for you and your clients? If you’ve already started this, how can you go deeper? Where else can you improve?

Most people are not very introspective. It is what it is. We can go through life having to be the strong one, and being introspective might mean you will uncork yourself, and that can feel really scary.

I’ve had to be the strong one in my life for a long time. I’ve worked on myself, but I can always go deeper to take a bigger quantum leap in my income and my impact.

Sales is about helping people, but you can’t help people if you’re not willing to help yourself as well.

If you have fear or self-doubt during the enrollment conversation, then that’s your sign to look inside and work out your fears and limiting beliefs. It can feel really scary, and that’s okay, because you’re strong enough to do it.

Spirituality in sales starts with you. Confidence in sales starts with being willing to explore what’s holding you back.

Do you want more help? Discover the 5 secrets to becoming an unstoppable sales goddess.

You are worthy of getting everything you want out of life. Sales is a means to that end, and it can be done in integrity to your values and beliefs.

Xoxo, Amunet

Amunet Bergueno helps successful conscious women have unstoppable confidence & create consistent cash flow in their business! As an intuitive business coach, master hypnotist, & HypnoCoach® (think – coaching on steroids!) who uses hypnosis and energy healing (like Reiki), as well as her intuitive abilities, Amunet has seen her client’s lives and businesses transform. Amunet has had the privilege of walking along side women just like you, on their journey towards their authentic awesome selves, and seeing them reach their goals, gain self-confidence, have a healthy self-esteem, and break through their income ceiling and create the life and impact they want. Visit her website and sign up for her free ebook, Do You Look Like a Success, But Feel Like a Failure?

© Copyright 2017 Amunet Burgueno
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