The 7 Best Places to Find New Clients Online

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When working with one of my clients, she mentioned that she wasn’t sure where to go or what to do to find more clients for her online coaching business.

Her work was wrapping up with a few people and she was looking forward to filling those spots with more ideal – and high paying – clients. She started to get a little anxious and so we dug in a little bit deeper.

After we looked at the situation and did some brainstorming, she realized what I already knew: she had a ton of perfect prospects at her fingertips. She was so used to being in the mix with them on social media, when sending out her weekly e-zine and in networking groups that she forgot how she had strategically surrounded herself by perfect prospects. At the end of our conversation, she walked away with a solid game plan to make sure that she could not only fill those openings with new people but she could also create a small group program for the clients that couldn’t afford her services one-on-one or that she didn’t have time to work with on an individual basis.

Have you ever felt the anxious pinch (or sometimes it feels more like a punch in the gut) at 3am wondering where you can find your next client?

If you have, I want you to please consider looking in these obvious AND often hard to see places where your target market is hanging out, and is willing, ready and able to buy from you.
1.  Current and Past Clients.

These people already know, like, and trust you so think about how you can support them further. What do they need now? What’s the next step for them? Who do they know that might benefit from working with you?

2.  Your friends and people in your network (i.e. your email marketing list or LinkedIn).

When is the last time you actually presented your offers to your list or asked them if they’d like to take advantage of a free strategy session with you?

3.  Networking groups.

Make offers for free 30 minute strategy session to people that fit into your target market and also develop a list of referral partners who work with a similar market to you.
4.  Doing what you love.

Have you considered the people that you volunteer with? What about your friends at the gym?
5.  Professional groups or associations that your clients belong to.

Where do your ideal clients hang out? What meetings or events do they attend? Go there.

6.  Alumni associations and other groups that you are already part of.

It’s easy to discount our colleagues or members of groups that we go to as potential clients. Don’t do that. Do not ever assume anything. You’ve heard what happens when you start making assumptions…
7.  The people that have said “no” to you in the past 6 months.

If you aren’t keeping a list of the people that you speak with you, start now. By simply following up in a non-pushy way by email to say that you were thinking of them and wanted to see if they achieved the result that they mentioned to you previously, you are helping them to see that they are still stuck in the same place as when you last spoke with them. This reminder will make them uncomfortable enough to spur more conversation with you about your programs.

What is one of the client rich places you’ve uncovered? What is an easy-to-access place where you can find loads of perfect prospects?

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