The Law of Action

By , Queen of Cold Calling

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Wendy Weiss - Queen of Cold Calling

I am sick to death of the so called “Law of Attraction,” the delusional notion that one can somehow become successful in sales by cleaning out files, chanting slogans, scribbling goals on pieces of paper and positive affirmations.

Let us today, begin with a new manifesto: The Law of Action.

Here is an email I recently received:

I cannot believe I am struggling so much with cold calling. I have been an elite athlete, successful in business, but cold calling for my business has been fruitless so far.”
“I have purchased cold call books, CD’s… and am still struggling to pick up the phone.
“I just got back from a 3 hour “Conquer Cold Calling” seminar, and don’t feel anymore motivated to make calls.
“Because you are a cold calling expert, what would be your suggestion?
“I’m a very confident person, but picking up this phone to cold call is wreaking havoc on my mind.”

While on a certain level I certain feel sympathy for this caller. He is struggling. On another level, it’s only a phone call. Waiting around to somehow “get motivated” is not the answer. The answer is: motivate yourself. You are the only one who can do it.

Motivation does not descend on you. You find it for yourself.

You do not have to love cold calling. You do not even have to like it. You simply have to take action.

Here is my recommendation for this caller: Make an appointment with yourself. Put it in your calendar. Every day. Keep your appointment with yourself. Every day. Start out small. If you’re really overwhelmed, then simply schedule ½-hour. Anyone can make calls for ½-hour. Get yourself a kitchen timer. At the time you have scheduled, go into a quiet place, turn off the television, radio, your cell phone. Put the children with a baby sitter. Do not take any calls or interruptions. Set your kitchen timer for ½-hour and start making calls. When the timer goes off, you’re done, go do something else.

Repeat tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after….

Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling & Selling Success, is a sales trainer, sales coach and author. She helps entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals gain confidence, reach more prospects, close more sales and make more money. She started her business 15 years ago, representing clients on the telephone and setting new business appointments. While Wendy no longer "dials for dollars" (except for her own business), all of her workshops, seminars, products and individual sales coaching are based on practical, real-life, hands-on experience. She has been featured in BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power,Target Marketing and various other business and sales publications. Her e-mail newsletter, Opening Doors & Closing Sales has an international readership and her columns are syndicated to 168 different print and Internet publications.

© Copyright 2010 Wendy Weiss

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