The Power of Intention

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Lisa Bloom - Speaker, Author, Coach, Storyteller

I had planned my trip so that I would be in New York on that particular day.

I’d been following them with emails and podcasts and telling everyone and their friends all about it.

And now I was going to get to be there.

I kept saying that with the right intention, my name would be picked.  I had been channeling the right intention for weeks.  I had told everyone, family, friends and clients to send messages of this intention so that I would get to tell my story.

Yes, I’m talking about the Moth Storytelling Club in New York.  I was so excited to finally be there and just knew that it was my time, I would get to tell my story in the big apple!

We decided to go by the club to make sure we had the right address, nice and early.  There was already a line at the door that reached the end of the block.  The guy at the front looked like he’d been there before.  He had a sandwich and a drink and was relaxing as he waited.  He said that there was no chance of just showing up and getting in, we’d have to get into the line.  He was right and though it was an hour before the doors opened the line was thickening and lengthening fast!  We joined it.

When we finally got inside almost all the tables were already taken and the bar was low ceilinged and cramped.  We found a table at the back and wondered about the lack of exits as the place filled up quickly.  The atmosphere was loud, young and excited.  The hat on the stage was quickly filling with names.  The topic this month was ‘Near Death’.

The requirement was real life stories told without notes.  40 people put their names in the hat and 10 were to be pulled out during the evening.  My stomach was churning, my heart beating wildly as the first few names were called and the stories began.  Each time the stories were judged by 3 teams of judges who were even more excited than the rest of the heaving, vibrating and incredibly responsive crowd.

The stories were varied, some spectacular, others less so.  The company was wonderful, not just my companion and friends that I had chosen to be with that evening.  But something magical seemed to be happening in that cramped uncomfortable place.  The stories were binding us together.  The stories were creating a universal experience…the stories were making a community.

By the time they reached the 9th person I was beginning to doubt the power of intention and all those messages that had been sent to the universe.  I was enjoying the storytelling all the same.

After the stories ended, those people who had not been chosen were invited to come up on to the stage, one at a time, and tell the first line of their story.  It seemed a cheap consolation…but transpired to be more interesting than several of the stories told during the evening.  I stood in line and said my line.  We were all applauded…and as the last drops of our drinks were drained we left the club and hit the warm air of an autumn evening in New York.

As we walked down the block with our heads full of the stories we had just heard, the couple walking behind me were discussing the story that had won.  “The one about the horses was SO much better”, they said, and I turned around and agreed.  The man said to me, “I really wanted to hear your story”.  “I really wanted to tell it”, I told him.  “So do”, he said. “What right here on the sidewalk”, I asked and he smiled.

So I started to tell my story!  And when I finished telling it he thanked me and said that the outcome of the competition might have been different had I had the chance to tell my story. They were kind words that warmed me as I walked away and had a sudden amazing revelation.

The power of intention works, the universe had heard all those messages.

I got to tell my story in New York!

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story.  You can download Lisa's ebook "Using Stories to Get Great Clients" at

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