The Real Secret To Being Newsworthy

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People think news is often about products or services. That’s actually quite rare.

When journalists look at what’s newsworthy, it’s always about people, not ‘stuff’.  That means your news needs to focus on people and how they are affected by whatever it is you are announcing.

To get you started, here are some ideas of newsworthy releases include:

  1. A new product/service – Focus on the benefits and why your target audience would be interested in the new product or service.
  2. Be the expert – News organizations are constantly looking for story ideas from anywhere.  And just as often, they’re looking for people who can add insight or ‘expertise’ on a particular event or topic in the news.
  3. Events – Announce your special events including speaking engagements, seminars, open houses, etc.
  4. Contests – If you are holding, announce it. And don’t forget to announce the winners as well.
  5. Trends – If you are seeing a trend in your area of expertise, write a release about your findings.
  6. Fundraisers, donations, community service – Making charitable donations or organizing a fundraiser are news. Write about your contribution and how it will benefit your cause.
  7. Free stuff –Offering a freebie is news. Write a release to announce it.
  8. Awards or accomplishments – If you’ve been given an award focus on the benefits of what it means to others and announce it in a release.
  9. Surveys – Reporting findings of a survey you conducted is news.
  10. Create a special day – Create a national day for something related to your business. (I did this for my Be Heard Day – and it gets media coverage every year!)

Whether you are sending your own releases, utilizing a PR firm, or simply working with a press release distribution company, the only reason to send a press release is when you really do have something to announce.

It’s also paramount to target the media you send your release to. This means you would not send news about a new auto accessory to a fine cuisine publication, or a newspaper editor who only covers pet stories. Inexperienced PR folks, or low-budget press release services, often make the mistake of “blanketing” every publication under the sun, regardless of market segment, which can alienate editors.

It’s important to stress (again and again) that you should never send news releases to the media which amount to no more than an advertisement. The editors see right through these, and discard them. It’s not their job to advertise your product or website, that’s why they have an ad department. If it’s not news, it’s of no value to them. You must carefully craft your press release to make it interesting to a potential editor in your target market; otherwise you’re wasting your time and theirs.

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