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After working in the Broadway theater industry for over 10 years, you get access to some of the greatest business lessons ever shared. Every launch, every product, every service, every ad, every campaign, every innovation better contain some razzle dazzle.

But, all business growth and leverage comes back to the same question every producer asks before they book a theater to take their show to The Great White Way….


And the BIG question to answer that question: What’s the movement?

We are each born with a movement to make a difference and have an impact and the way we share that becomes our medium. For some they will teach, others coach, some support, or volunteer. I think the greatest tragedy in life is not sharing your movement or your unique ability with others and the world. It’s like a great musical with no music. It simply does not work.

From that movement is your deep seated WHY or what I call “so that”…

So, you must get clear.

  • WHY your business?
  • WHAT does your business change? and…

Take it all back to the city that never sleeps… for the what, why, and for whom of business just look at these lessons from the stage:

1) WHY– You don’t want folks leaving the theater humming the tunes. You want them entering the theater humming the tunes. People are motivated to be apart of something bigger and quite frankly no one wants to be left out. Create an innovative WHY, MOVEMENT, or IDEA big enough to take grass roots shape and you can maintain a tiny advertising budget. Take our production of GREASE in the 90’s for example. There were rotating star turns…unheard of in theater at that time, but that innovation got buzz. It got buzz to the point you wanted to see people you didn’t even like.

2) WHAT– You can get as innovative as you like (and above I say go for it) but you better still deliver the solution. In theater people come to be entertained. They seek escape. If you deliver creativity but NOT entertainment Ben Brantley from The Times might applaud your genius, but word on the street will be clear… “Tell people you saw it. Don’t actually go. Ben loved it in The Times. But, it’s a real drag to sit through” Word of mouth always travels faster than media… even in this technology age.

3) FOR WHOM– For the people. Not for the money. For the fans. Not the fame. In the words of P Diddy, “Don’t chase the paper. Chase the dream”. Two things could have happened the night we opened, Suessical, one of the most expensive musicals to ever hit Broadway (this was pre Spiderman, folks). We would get rave reviews or we would get slaughtered. And if you are a really strong strategy forward production company you have a strategy for each of these outcomes.

a) Rave reviews: Don’t believe your own press. Work like hell to fill the seats.

b) Slaughtered: Don’t believe the press. Work like hell to fill the seats.

We got slaughtered, but we worked like hell to fill the seats…. so often in business we wait for the reviews and they don’t matter. Either way we are looking for people to fill the seats.

  • When you know your WHY – you can ask anyone to work with you. No fear.
  • When you understand your what – money follows. No fear.
  • When you are clear about what you want to change none of this feels like work. No fear.

Business doesn’t give you the opportunity for a dress rehearsal. Everything is a first run. A test. So, know your movement, do the work for the right reasons and hum the whole time.

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