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Do you want visibility and more exposure without spending a dime? An effectively written and distributed press release can generate quite a bit of attention for your products or services, and it costs you nothing but your time.

When it comes to writing news releases, you can’t simply write what you would for your website or sales copy.

The people who read press releases are journalists and reporters. They are looking for stories that will sell newspapers or magazines, or get people to tune in to their radio or television show. You will want to make your product or service compelling to reporters and journalists.

How do you do this? First, stick to the accepted style for press releases. Ideally, it should fit on a single page and never go over two pages. It should also be in third person, not first person – that is, eliminate I’s, we’s, you’s, etc except if you are using a quote.

The components of a standard release are:

  • Headline
  • Date
  • Body text
  • Company information
  • Contact information

Second, make sure that the information you include is compelling and newsworthy, particularly your headline and first paragraph. Develop a hook or an angle for your products or services that ties in to current events, or to subjects with universal appeal.

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