When It Comes To PR, Don’t Forget To Go Local

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Many coaches and consultants dream of getting national media coverage, but neglecting the local press could actual hinder your results – in more ways than one.

Take a look:

Get a surge of local prospects

When you reach out and get local press coverage, you’ll find you may get a huge surge of prospects and customers. Why? Because people like to buy local, especially in today’s economy. So don;t be surprised when you start growing your list and making sales from people who are in your community.

Local coverage can lead to a national stage

Local coverage is a gateway to both more local coverage and national coverage. Once a story is written about, it gets legitimacy. Often times a big story really started out as a small story that got published in a smaller paper that was later picked up by a larger paper.

When I was a TV reporter, I did a local story that within a day was fed to the larger markets and ultimately the small business owner was featured on a national morning show.

Getting local press can help you in your approaches to other media outlets. It’s one thing to go to a bigger newspaper and ask for a story when nobody’s ever heard about you. On the other hand, if you can go to a larger newspaper and say that you’ve been written about in several smaller ones, you’ll get a lot more attention.

You gain more credibility no matter what the size

When you tell someone who’s never heard about you about your company, they’re naturally going to be a little skeptical. However, if they hear about you through a newspaper or magazine, they’re automatically going to assume you’re credible.

There’s a lot of credibility that comes from being in the local media. People naturally assume that only companies that deserve press coverage get press coverage. That’s generally the case. There’s nothing like seeing clips on your website from any media outlet as it will help you increase your brand and prestige.

Make new connections that are lucrative.

Appearing in the press can bring potential joint venture partners out of the woodwork. Suppliers with great deals will hear about you, partners who want to work with you might contact you, people with platforms may ask you to speak, and top-notch talent might want to come and work for you.

So although local press isn’t the big time yet, it’s a big step in the right direction. And I always say, publicity already has your local CITY in it – so use it wisely.

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