You’ve Got Your ‘Money Cycle’ Upside Down, Here’s Why…

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Every time I’m in front of women entrepreneurs I ask the same question, “How much money do you want to make in your business?”

It’s a shockingly simple question.

It’s a question that deserves a shockingly simple answer.

But that isn’t what I hear.

What I should be hearing is a number.

What I hear instead is a bunch of excuses as to why making more must be a lot more work (so not true) or why they can’t make more because they’re “just getting started” or I hear a long, detailed story explaining what they’re about to launch, why it’s so awesome, etc., etc.

Or, my favorite, I watch as the women begin to add up what they believe is already going to come to them, allowing that to be the number they accept as their income.

Why is such a simple, direct question so difficult for women to answer?

The answer is simple. And it will set you free, IF you follow the formula I’m about to share with you.

For starters, as a woman you’ve most likely been pre-programmed to accept what is handed to you, versus being taught how to first decide what you want, then being shown how to create it.

Now, no woman likes to think that she’s disempowering herself in this way but if you’re really, truly honest with yourself, you’ll see how, up until now, this has been true for you.

This pre-programming comes from society, school, religion and of course, from our family and the people we’ve been surrounded by.

This sets up a sub-conscious pattern of getting. As in, “I’m getting $1,000 for my VIP day”. Or, “I’m getting another $2,000 in payments.” Or, “I’m not sure I can get that much for my services.”

And it’s really uncomfortable because in your heart, you want to give. You want to give your energy, your caring, your help and your expertise.

Only you need income, which creates an internal conflict of needing to give in order to get. This inner conflict is so subtle, yet so powerful, that it undermines all of your behavior and actions when it comes to running your business, resulting in time wasted, feeling overwhelmed and slow or disappointing results.

So, here is the formula to break free from your current money cycle, into one of financial freedom

It’s really simple.

1. Add up what you need to make to cover your living and basic business expenses.

Don’t be afraid to look at the number — this is a reality check moment that’s going to empower you, I promise!

2. Now, add in how much you need to cover participating in a coaching program with a top mentor, getting some basic assistant support, getting your website done, attending 3-4 live events per year and anything else that you know you need as an investment in you and your future.

You can’t get where you want to be relying on free stuff. And investing in you and your business is the most likely path to giving you the biggest return on your investment, period.

3. Take your number and increase it by 50%.

This accounts for taxes, vacation time and gives you a comfort cushion. For example, if your totals from steps 1 and 2 are $5,000 + $4,000 = $9,000 * 1.5 (the fast way to calculate an additional 50%) you end up with $13,500.

This is the amount that becomes your initial Bold Money Goal. Later on you’ll want to increase your Bold Money Goal so that you’re generating more than what you need, which is where you start to begin living your ideal lifestyle and freeing yourself even more.

The mindset here is that it’s not about reacting to what may or may not be coming in. Instead, you’re being pro-active about what you need and deciding the actions you’ll take to create that amount of income.

This is what true Feminine Financial Empowerment looks like and it’s the mindset I’ve used to coach thousands of clients to break free of their old “I’ll take whatever I can get” patterns and instead, discover real and lasting financial freedom.

Finally, now that you know exactly how much money you want coming in each month, the next steps are to be in a coaching program (because you can’t accomplish all of this by yourself!) where you’ll learn:

  • how to create high end programs and packages
  • how to set your fees appropriately
  • how to grow your list
  • how to leverage your time
  • what the right mindset is to keep you focused and confident
  • how to manage your cash flow so you’re not starting over every month
  • and more.

So, if you’re in business to achieve real and lasting financial and spiritual freedom then it’s time to take control of your success.

Who you’ll become in the process is going to amaze you.

Why? Because you are awesome and it’s time your income to reflect your true Divinely Feminine brilliance!

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