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How To Give Yourself a Raise

What do you do in your business to make money? And how do you do it? Justin Krane shares tips on how to become a prosperity thinker and start making money in your business.

By Justin Krane

4 Step Decisive Action Plan

Business growth is stalled by indecisiveness, so Michele A. Scism developed a 4-part Decisive Action Plan. It helped her grow her own businesses and it can help you grow yours as well.

By Michele A Scism

Why You Need To Fire Yourself

Fabienne Fredrickson explains that If you want to grow your business to its next level, you have to fire yourself…from the day-to-day operations of your company. In this training, she has some tough love for you and some good news too.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

How to Reduce Overwhelm: The Athlete’s Secret

So many people are living with the desire to just get things done. But there comes a time when you want excellence. Monica Shah shares how she reduces the overwhelm when planning live events.

By Monica Shah

You Just Can’t Skip Steps! The Exact Order In Which To Build Your Service Business

Just like any other business, there’s a model to the service business – meaning there’s a certain sequence of steps. Monica Shah shares the steps to launch products (and large group programs) in your service business (yes, breathe that sigh of relief).

By Monica Shah

Business is a Language That Every Entrepreneur Needs To Learn

Everyday business owners are trying to run their businesses without learning the specifics of their particular business model or without having had any prior business training. Monica Shah explains that learning more about the business language can help.

By Monica Shah

The Four Reasons Why Planning Doesn’t Seem to Work and How to Resolve Them

As an entrepreneur, you probably know a thing or two about planning. The problem is that you are afraid to actually create and stick to a plan. Monica Shah shares what could be holding you back, and four ways to move yourself forward.

By Monica Shah

Building a Sustainable Business Takes Patience, Persistence and Commitment

Do you start beating yourself up when you read someone’s e-zine about how they only work 5 hours a week and are making multiple-six figures? Monica Shah talks openly once and for all about the amount of work that being an entrepreneur requires. And hopefully, put to rest that cascade of self-doubt.

By Monica Shah

So When Exactly Should My Business Be Profitable?

So when exactly should your business be profitable? There is a lot of misunderstanding about how much money you should be keeping. Monica Shah explains how to feel profitable in your business.

By Monica Shah

Creating a Mind Map

You may be wondering exactly how you can apply creative ways to increase the value of your products and services to your specific business. Especially if you’re particularly stuck. Michele Pariza Wacek suggests one creativity exercise you could try is a mind map.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)