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Not Sure What To Write About? How To Make Blogging Simple

Not sure what to write about? Krista Martin explains how creating a system will save you time and energy when creating content.

By Krista Martin

Business Speak is NOT a Language

Business Speak: Words that have been hijacked into the business world and used so repetitively they have lost their power to communicate true meaning. Karen Yankovich gives four steps to recovering from Business Speak.

By Karen Yankovich

10 Tips To Create Killer Content

“Content is King” when positioning yourself as an expert. But what do you do when you run dry on ideas? What do you talk about? What do you write about? Who cares? LOTS of people care. Follow these 10 tips by Nancy Marmolejo creating content is always on your mind and something you do on a regular basis to promote your business.

By Nancy Marmolejo

10 Tips That Make Your Content More Readable & By The Way Increase the Bottom Line

If you were reading an article, blog or Facebook post, how do you decide whether you should continue to read the article, blog or Facebook post or not? For more people it’s the quality of the content that is going to keep readers from navigating away from the article, blog, or Facebook post. Here are 10 tips by Laureen Wishom that will immediately make your content more readable, receive more comments and garner those all too important ‘likes’.

By Laureen Wishom

3 Keys to Writing Copy that Attracts and Invites (and Doesn’t Feel Sales-y and Slime-y)

If you’re like so many conscious/heart-centered entrepreneurs, a lot of traditional copywriting probably makes you pretty uncomfortable.
But everyone tells you that you need that “type of copy” if you want to make money. So what do you do? Make money and feel slime-y and sales-y with the copy you’re using — or don’t make money, but feel like your copy is at least aligned with your core values? Michele Pariza Wacek shares 3 tips to get you started to write copy that attracts, inspires and invites so you make money AND feel good doing it.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

3 Key Components to Compelling Copy That SELLS

Compelling copy that sells includes piquing a reader’s curiosity, bullet points that tease and evoke emotion, and the headline, the first thing someone sees.

By Christine Gallagher

Article Writing 101

People do business with people they know, like and trust. To get people to do business with you, you need to create a powerful presence. You need to be writing informative articles that offer usable information to prospects. Shannon Cherry shares some steps to make sure you are creating a great article.

By Shannon Cherry

Getting Blog Post Comments: Are Your Blog Posts “Commentable”?

You’re working hard, blogging regularly, and you’re starting to see traffic, but no one’s commenting. What gives? Building a community around your blog can be pretty frustrating in the beginning, and even if you’re doing everything right it can still take time. Holly Chantal shares some ideas on how to get those first comments by making sure your blog post is “commentable”.

By Holly Chantal

3 Easy Ways to Express Your Personality In Your Writing

One of the biggest challenges when writing articles and blog posts is making them sound less like a paper you wrote in college and more like something interesting that people will want to read. Holly Chantal shares 3 Easy Ways to express your personality in your writing.

By Holly Chantal

3 Tips to Improve Your Article Writing

The ability to write great content is so important in this day and age. It’s part science and part art. As a business owner it’s important that you feel confident and comfortable writing content for your business. Content is too important to disregard or not take seriously. Shannon Cherry shares 3 tips to improve your article writing.

By Shannon Cherry