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Hire Assistants That Will Keep You Sane

Hiring assistants is a big part of leveraging your business to grow faster. You can’t be everywhere or do everything yourself. Fabienne Fredrickson shares tips on how to hire an assistant and what that person’s responsibilities should be.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

How to Hire a Great Team – Part 1

How do you think about bringing someone new on? And what do you do about the fact that you aren’t always sure what tasks will be on that person’s plate? Monica Shah shares some lessons she has learned if you are looking to hire new team members.

By Monica Shah

Tips For Using A Virtual Assistant To Help You Grow Your Business And Spend Less Time Working

Learn how to use a Virtual Assistant to grow your business and work less.

By Sophie Zollmann

Tips For Using A Virtual Assistant As A Project Manager

This article provides tips on using a Virtual Assistant for project management in your business.

By Sophie Zollmann

4 Tools To Help You Successfully Communicate With Your Virtual Assistant

Learn 4 tips that will help you successfully communicate with your VA to be sure things get done effectively and efficiently.

By Sophie Zollmann

Six Ways To Have a Team That Loves Working With You

If you want to continually succeed and keep growing by leaps and bounds, you must take care of your team and hire people who are super talented, who love working with you and who will do anything to stay at the company. Fabienne Fredrickson shares 6 ways to have a team that loves working with you so that they want to stay and tell others about you.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

Creating The Right Team For Your Business

Learn how to create the right team to help you get things off your plate in order to spend more time growing your business, making more money and having time for YOU!

By Sophie Zollmann

So You’ve Hired a Virtual Assistant, Now What?

This article discusses the steps to follow once a Virtual Assistant has been hired including creating a delegation plan, communication and reporting.

By Sophie Zollmann

Build Your Team to Create A Six Figure Business

Building your team really does give you the ability to grow your business much faster than trying to do it on your own. This means that you have to learn to delegate, avoid perfectionism and focus on the parts of the business that make you money (and that only you can do). Michele shares with you WHO you need to add to your team.

By Michele A Scism

5 Places to Locate Virtual Assistants for Hire

This article discusses the various online places to search for Virtual Assistants for hire for your business.

By Sophie Zollmann