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6 Signs You’re Attracting Money in a Fear-Based Way
and How to Attract It in a Love-Based Way (That Feels GOOD!), Instead

How do you actually know if you’re attracting money in a fear-based way? And if you are, how can you turn that around so you’re attracting money in a love-based way? Michele Pariza Wacek shares six signs that indicate you are and tips to overcome it.

By Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW)

How To Find the Hidden Money

Many business owners experience something called Money Paralysis. “Can I actually afford this? I will never have enough money for this… Where would the money come from?”. Fabienne Fredrickson is here to tell you that the money you need to improve your situation already exists. Watch this video to find out where it’s hiding.

By Fabienne Fredrickson

Money Rules – Creating Rules that Work for You

We all have rules about how we live our lives. We also have rules around our money. Monica Shah shares tips on creating money rules that work for you.

By Monica Shah

Don’t Let Debt Get You Down

The number one concern of many businesses is the amount of debt that piles up during the first two years of business. So how do you start getting ahead of the game to pay off large portions of debt? Monica Shah shares three steps that will help.

By Monica Shah

10 Ways You Are REPELLING Money

If asking for “the sale” feels icky to you, it’s likely a symptom of a bigger problem. You may not see your value, know (exactly) what your ideal clients need, or know how to share your offer in a way that feels natural and authentic to you. In an effort to help you stop repelling money in your business, Krista Martin put together a top 10 list for you.

By Krista Martin

How To Deal With Money Regrets and Bad Money Decisions

How we manage our emotions is one of the keys to entrepreneurial success. Monica Shah shares insights on how to deal with money regrets and bad decisions.

By Monica Shah

How to Attract More Money Part 2 – Releasing the Shame

Many of us are carrying a significant amount of money shame and we don’t even realize it. Here's a quick quiz by Monica Shah to determine how much shame you are carrying.

By Monica Shah

The Reason It Feels Hard to Get Paid What You’re Worth

Darn near everyone gripes about money. We each have triggers about making, spending and saving money. Most complain about not getting paid enough. Either you have an abundance of clients but they don't pay you for the real value you give or you don't have enough clients and you're scared to charge what you deserve. Jeanna Gabellini explains that you might not even know what you deserve because you've been brainwashed to take what you can get.

By Jeanna Gabellini

People Pay for Solutions
How to Discover Your Prospects’ Unmet Needs

Benefits make you money, so find the unmet need - simply ask, listen carefully to show you really care, reposition your offerings to solve the problem - watch your bank account grow.

By Christine Gallagher

Your Value is an Inside Job

Knowing your value is an inside job. It is something you have to believe in no matter what anyone else says or does. You can get a lot of advice about what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to pricing your services. The problem is that everyone is coming from a place of their own limiting beliefs.

By Liz Uram