12 Secrets to Speaking Like A Pro

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I’ve always been pretty good at talking.

But getting paid to speak to a group with over 400 registered attendees? Get outta here.

I have spoken to groups many times but never to one this size.

And I (friggin’, completely, whole-heartedly, absolutely!) loved it.

I’m ready to continue speaking AND go bigger. (More importantly, I hope to inspire you to step up and take the next step in your speaking adventure with this post.)

As I stood shoulder to should with three powerful speakers last week, I was able to step more fully into my own vision as I shared an important message from the stage.

First, let me just say that I am still on a high from everything that took place. I’m serious when I say it was probably my 4th most amazing day of my life (behind getting married and each child’s birth).

Second, I have had a few days to process the experience and wanted to share with you my “ah-ha” moments AND the important reminders so that you can learn along side me. Sound like a plan?

Key Ah-ha’s and Important Reminders:

1. Practice, practice, practice.

Regardless of whether you are speaking for 10 minutes or 10 hours, practice your message. (I did this and it made it so much easier for me to be present and enjoy the experience because I wasn’t worrying about the content.)

2. Buy an amazing dress. Or three. Make sure you really show up as the person that you are becoming.

3. Everyone gets nervous.

While we were in our dressing rooms back stage, every single one of the presenters spoke about being nervous. Egypt said, “It reminds us we are alive” and I completely agree.

4. You are already one of the “big guys”.

It took me by surprise when the other speakers told me that they were so excited to hear me speak.


After hearing that they wanted to hear ME, I allowed myself to expand into the person that they saw in front of them. It was really cool.

5. If you love speaking and want to do more of it, GET OUT THERE AND DO IT.

I asked the meeting planner how she found out about me so that I can continue marketing myself in the appropriate ways and she said that she looked around to see who else was speaking at local events. (I am speaking at more than 5 local events this year).

6. Your speaking fee is for more than the length of your talk.

When you consider what your fee is, consider the amount of travel time and the time that you’ll be away from your business (and revenue generating activities). Also consider if travel is covered separately or if you need to include that.

7. Limo’s don’t have popcorn.

It’s always fun riding in a limo service to and from the festivities if the event takes place over several days. Plus, it gives you a chance to learn more about the other speakers and their story. (Much to my daughters’ dismay, though, they didn’t have popcorn in the limo. Maybe next time.)

8. Lead by giving.

I offered to take photos during the other speakers presentations AND THEN EVERYTHING SHIFTED. I created a safe space for us to be normal people. (And everyone wants pictures of themselves, let’s be honest.) Then, the next thing I knew: one of the speakers mentioned that her videographer from NYC was there to tape the event and she was willing to share with me. SCORE!

9. Find a way to get feedback.

This may be by having someone record your presentation by audio or preferably, by video. Even if it’s in the back of the room and the quality isn’t perfect, it’s better than nothing.

10. Know the next step that you want your attendees to take.

People WILL sign up on the spot for a time to speak with you or to join your newsletter list. (After the presentation, I had a sign up sheet for specific 30 minute time slots over the next few weeks for Strategy Sessions with me. People eagerly pulled out their calendars and signed up.)

11. It’s OK if you need to have notecards. 

My presentation was 45 minutes and I had them with me (and ended up not using them).

12. Set your intention.

I wrote my intention for how I want to show up and how I want to feel after the event on a notecard and had it in front of me in my dressing room. It kept me grounded and helped me to remember to enjoy the experience.

notecardFeel free to borrow mine: “I choose to allow myself to be powerful, present, and to whole-heartedly serve”.

Now it’s your turn! Which of these ah-ha’s helps you the most? Or, what is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned about speaking and stepping into your vision?

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