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Eating crisp bacon is a wonderful experience, but talking about how to bring it home is part of the service I provide as a Growth, Success, Acceleration, Healthy Living and Lifestyle Coach.

The phrase “bring home the bacon” means to bring home the goods; to bring home the money; to get what you want or need; and to be the star in your own movie. (Sounds like bacon to me!)

But like so many things in life, we use these expressions without having any idea of their true origin.

Spinach and Bacon

Spinach is one of the quickest cooking vegetables around, and this delicious side dish can go from the counter top to table top in almost no time.

You can spice up your spinach by sprinkling it with turkey bacon— it not only adds flavor but taste to the spinach.

Since I love turkey bacon, I thought it would be appropriate to give you one of my favor recipes.

The Recipe:

–  Bake the turkey bacon in the oven (350 degrees) or microwave until done

–  Lightly cook a medium-size bunch of spinach

–  Add your favorite spices or seasoning to the spinach while it is cooking

–  Crumble the cooked bacon and sprinkle on top of the cooked spinach

Perfume and Bacon

In 1980, there was a perfume called Enjoli and it became very popular because of its theme song: “the 8 hour perfume for the 24 hour woman” which centered around the 80’s woman bringing home the bacon.  Here is a short video from that ever so popular 80’s perfume.

Bacon in Today’s World

Now in today’s fast-pace world, you can bring home more bacon by following the below 4 tips:

1. Always have a Plan ‘B’.  Having a Plan ‘B’ ensures your survival, it will keep the money coming in, and in part it can spur innovative and creative thinking at your company.

2. Form strategic alliance or joint venture relationships. It will help your business enter new product and service lines and allow you to expand at a more rapid pace than you can imagine.

These relationships can be tricky to manage.

  • Make sure you research the reputations of potential partners with care;
  • Establish both the big-picture objective of the strategic alliance/joint venture as well as the nitty-gritty of who knows what; and
  • Identify the champions within the strategic alliance/joint venture and put in writing how to end the partnership amicably.

3. Learn the word ‘No’. You must develop the energy, experience and the knowledge to sit your client down and tell them not to do something and you must also learn to say ‘no’ when too many commitments from your business life start to pull on your family and personal life.

4. An entrepreneur is, by definition, a creative person. As your business grows, you are likely to get dragged away from the most innovative, idea-driven parts of your business.

Don’t let that happen—at least, not without a fight. Build time into your day (every day) to think about your company’s vision; to brainstorm new product ideas; to read for pleasure; or simply to muse about things that are not business related.

Staying creative is among the healthiest things a business owner can do personally as well as for the growth of his/her company.

Dr. Laureen Wishom is dedicated to teaching high-achieving women entrepreneurs, executives, non-profit leaders and career professionals how to master Growth, achieve Success and live in strategic Acceleration.  Through her workshops, VIPs, coaching programs and products, Dr. Laureen shows high-achieving women (and enlightened men) how to bring about radical success in:  1) Visibility and Positioning 2) Business Growth/Career Success, and 3) Revenue Acceleration.  She is known for creating “WOW”, providing an unique customized experience and educating women on “doing different things and then doing things differently”™.  To receive Dr. Laureen 5-day e-course entitled: How to "Show Off" Your Credibility for Revenue Acceleration or the audio: Are You Making a Cardboard Connection or a Brand Connection, visit

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