Get your Buzz on With your Own Holiday – Part 2

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Last time, I discussed the basics of creating a holiday and making it memorable. Are you feeling a celebration coming on? Then you need to learn the ways to make your special promotional day work for you.

One of the biggest mistakes I see solo professionals and entrepreneurs make is that they jump on with a promotion without a specific plan in place on how to make the most of it.

For example, I know several coaches and consultants who recent jumped on the telesummit bandwagon, thinking will make them more money. The fact of the matter is telesummits are a great way to not only make money, when done right, but also a great list building tool as well.  Yet most miss that obvious opportunity. (Yes, it’s a bit like Sutton’s Law, huh?)

And if we think a little bigger, you can see how a holiday incorporated into a telesummit model could build more buzz, increasing your visibility and credibility.

Having a holiday is a great promotional idea, but you really need to work it!  For example, in the past I used my holiday exclusively as a list builder and public relations tool. Now, I’ve  added more to it, including sponsors. (Yes, my holiday has grown to where business want to pay me to promote the holiday!)

The point here is not to think small about your holiday. In List Building Promotion Secrets, I share how your specially-created day can:

  • find great JV partners
  • build visibility
  • earn credibility
  • increase more subscribers
  • get featured in an annually published book
  • highlight you and your company in the Associated Press and other media outlets
  • and much, much more

What do you want from the special day you’ve created? How can you make the most – and get the most – from it?

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