Can You Really Celebrate Your Way to Success?

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As you’ve probably heard me say 100 times before, I see so much value in working with my business coach to help me think big, play even bigger and to stretch me so that I can live the most amazing version of my life possible.

What I’ve invested dollar-wise has come back to me many times over.
LESSONS-FROM-A-PARKING-LOTOne of my biggest learnings came from the exact parking lot that you see here. It doesn’t look like anything fancy, I know, but it was a lifesaver to me.

Picture this:  I was driving along to one of my first retreats with my coach when I realized that there are a lot of little towns along the drive.  A lot of little towns and not a lot of big hotels with free Wi-Fi with lobbies where you can park yourself in a corner, virtually unnoticed, as you hack away at your computer.

(Not that I’ve ever done that, I have just heard stories about people doing it.)

In my head, I had it all laid out perfectly: I’d stop along the drive, set up shop in a hotel conference room or lobby to lead a webinar, and then I’d jump back in my car and be on my merry way.

Yes, I agree with you – I didn’t think this through as well as I could have.

So, it’s about time for the webinar to begin and I cannot find a medium sized hotel – or Wi-Fi – anywhere! I started to panic.

And then I decided that I can scramble, running around (I considered checking out the close Chick fila), cry, OR I can get creative.

I looked around at the small hotels and realized that they would be crazy to not have free Wi-Fi. So, I parked in the lot you see here and went inside.

I’m not kidding when I say that the lobby could’ve held, oh, 10 people at the same time.  It was that small.

And the owner looked at me funny when I asked about a wireless connection.

I jumped back in my car and started to think about how I had really screwed myself up by trying to do too much at once and without planning far enough in advance.  I started to go down into a spiral of how I was never going to have a successful business and that I always try to do too much.

As soon as I had that thought, though, I realized that I was allowing my energy to go in the wrong direction.  A little mental course correction allowed me to shift my energy into finding a solution.

I did have technology on my side that day: with two cell phones (another story entirely), all types of cords to connect everything together, an Ipad and a laptop, I was able to pull it off.

That webinar resulted in 3 new AWESOME clients and while that was very exciting to me, it wasn’t how I measured my success.

Our growth as a person and as a business owner is NEVER a straight line. Sometimes there are big bumps in income and sometimes there are more subtle shifts in how we think that lead to big pay offs down the line.

And when you have the support of a mentor or coach, those bumps, twists and turns aren’t things that you dread.  They actually become an exciting part of your adventure because you are confident that you have what you need to build your dream business.  You have your A-Team.

Looking back at that event, I measure my success by how I focused my energy, pulled up my CEO, big girl panties, and found a solution rather than a reason that I was doomed.  I looked for reasons that the webinar would take place as planned and serve my ideal clients, and guess what?  I found some.

When you don’t take the time to reflect, plan, and acknowledge your growth (a habit that I teach my clients), it’s easy to miss moments worth celebrating.  Plus, more celebrations leads us to more confidence in ourselves, which ultimately allows us to serve more clients and to live our most amazing life.

More celebrations are on order as you continue to build your dream business, OK?

In fact, why don’t you start by sharing a win (big or small) from this past week in the comments below?   

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