Checklist for Organizing Your Home Office or Workspace Before 2015 – Part 1

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Laureen Wishom - The Growth * Success * Acceleration Expert

Some of you may think that you don’t have time to organize your office, but if you really knew how much time disorganization is costing you, you’d reconsider.

Office organization is a big job. It tends to be overwhelming at first glance -and guess what – even at the second and third glances.

If you’re not quite ready for a full office makeover – but desperately need more office organization, here are 25.5 manageable things I am currently doing to get my office organized before 2015.

1) Pick three things and throw them out. There’s probably a lot more than just three things you can throw away but for now just pick three things to throw away. You can pick from the things on your desk or scattered around your office that can go from your workspace to the trash or recycling bin. This is a quick fix to eliminate obvious clutter.

Think about it, do you really need those old magazines or that pen that doesn’t work? You don’t need to stop at just three things. If you see more obvious candidates for the trash can, throw them out, too.

2) Organize one desk drawer. Drawers tend to be dumping grounds in just about every office. Most desk drawers become disaster zones over time. Organize your office by choosing one desk drawer and taking everything out of it.

Now sort through the contents, throwing out whatever is no longer useful and move whatever is misplaced back to its better location.

Put items that are used together in the same drawer space, stamps with envelopes, sticky pads with notepads, etc. Use drawer organizers for small items – paper clips, tacks, etc. Use a separate drawer for personal items.

3) Clear your bulletin or message board. Bulletin or message boards are found in many offices. Rather than using these boards for their original intent, they often become additional cluttered space.

Clear your bulletin or message board of all old messages, anything that is outdated so you can move forward.

Remember, we are not just de-cluttering; the goal is to create a workspace that will help you be more productive.

4) Create a WOR folder. So much of most messy papers are things that are on hold until someone else responds or acts. Put a date on these messy papers and gather them in a WOR (Waiting on Response) folder.

Check it every few days or weeks depending on the outstanding actions you may need to follow-up on. If after 2-3 months there has not been a response consider tossing.

Remember you don’t need to keep every piece of paper indefinitely. You can also mark on documents when they can be tossed or shredded. Certain legal or financial documents must be kept for a specified length of time. Make sure you know what those requirements are.

5) Establish work zones. Decide what type of activity happens in each area of your office. You’ll probably have a main workspace (most likely your desk,) a reference area (filing cabinet, shelves, binders,) and a supply area (closet, shelves or drawers.)

Put the equipment and supplies in the proper area as much as possible for ease of use and accessible.


Stay tuned for the next post on the Checklist for Organizing Your Home Office or Workspace Before 2015 – Part 2.

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