Don’t Answer Half Way

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In case you haven’t noticed, being in business for yourself is sure to push all of your buttons, get you to stretch beyond what you ever thought you could do, have or achieve, and cause you to question every limiting belief you have about what’s possible.
So why do we bother? Why do we willingly make ourselves uncomfortable, challenge ourselves to grow and put ourselves in situations where we don’t know exactly what will happen?

Reason why we do all of these crazy things is because we’re being called by a higher power. We know that we’re supposed to step up, show up in a big powerful way, and that no matter how terrifying it may be, to take the alternative route (which is to play small) is not an option.

Thing is, once you hear “the call” you can’t answer it half way. You can’t be in business for yourself AND play small. You can’t say you want to help people but then fail to attend a workshop that could give you that one missing piece needed to leap your business forward. You can’t say you want to make more money but then refuse to get mentoring from someone who’s walking ahead on the path you’re on now.

So ladies, understand that as a woman you were born with amazing resiliency, resourcefulness and creativity. You have the gift of creating the most amazing success for yourself. Please, do NOT let anyone or anything stand in your way of being in your true, full power. Failing isn’t from trying and not succeeding; it’s from not trying in a big enough way.

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