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In a recent status update on my Facebook page I posted about delegating what you’re not good at so that you can focus on business activities that you are good at.
It begged an answer to this question—

Why do you have to focus so much of your time on gain clients when all you really want to do is work on what you’re best at.

Here’s the deal, when you’re a solo business owner you are your own marketer, it’s just a reality of your situation.

Who doesn’t want to spend most of their time in your brilliant zone–doing what you’re good at and the reason why you’re in business.

But I believe you should love marketing. You should love it because it’s at the core of you getting more clients and making more money in your business.

Most Business and Marketing Coaches will have you think that you must apply the traditional marketing methods to gain clients. I will agree that many of them are essential and belong in the majority solo business owners business plans.

But here’s how I differ—

I believe you should focus on what you’re best at in marketing. Because when you do then it won’t be so uncomfortable or difficult to do.

What you need to do it figure out what you’re best at and emphasize strategies that allow you to focus on them more. (Don’t discard everything, just emphasize what you’re best at and do them more)

Here’s what you should ask yourself…

Am I a natural networker? If so, then attend networking events.

Am I a great writer? Then write articles and submit them to article directories.

Am I a great speaker? Then hold teleclasses and start speaking live.

Am I great at social media? Then knock your socks off on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Google + ..and so on

The point is, you have a choice and if you approach marketing from the perspective of emphasizing your best communication skills and apply them to getting clients then it becomes less like work and more like fun.

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