Find Time to Give Yourself Traction AND Flexibility When Setting Goals!

By , The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time to set goals for yourself creates two states of mind that can improve your life whether you achieve your objectives or not. They are “awareness” and “flexibility”. Today I’d like to focus on the link between setting goals and “flexibility”.

If you’re like many, you may think that once a goal is set, it shouldn’t be changed. Do you see your only options as either achieving your goals or not? I think a lot of us do … but consider how dangerous it is to eliminate any middle ground.

You set yourself up to either succeed or fail. And since experience demonstrates that most goals are not achieved – or certainly not on the first try – you might begin to question the value of goal-setting. After all, why create a situation in which you are likely to end up feeling badly?

A good alternative approach for setting goals is to see them as a blueprint for what you wish to accomplish. Think about building a house … and all the small but significant changes that are made to the blueprint along the way! Setting personal and professional goals can be viewed just like that.

You create a frame that describes the desired results. Then, as you work toward your goal, you give yourself the flexibility to re-examine your original outcome and adjust it based on a new and more informed viewpoint. No one can know everything about a desired outcome before beginning to work on it.

So definitely continue to set goals. Acknowledge the value these goals have as a blueprint for accomplishing your objectives. At the same time, recognize that these goals, like a blueprint, probably will need to be adjusted, modified, or even changed as you begin to work toward them. Seeing that this flexibility is inherent in the process of goal-setting could change your entire attitude about setting goals in the first place. It definitely will enable you to avoid the discouraging pattern of either complete success or complete failure.

Best of all, having an attitude of reasonable flexibility can help you maintain your commitment, motivation, and enthusiasm as you work toward getting from where you are to where you want to be!

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Paula Eder, PhD is an internationally-known coach and published author who specializes in mentoring heart-based entrepreneurs and small business owners, from the inside out, to align their core values and energy with their time choices and behaviors so that they make more money, create more freedom, and find more time.  To learn more about Paula’s unique, Heart-Based Time Management™ System and begin your transformational journey, sign up for her Finding Time Success Kit. Discover how you can find time for what matters most.

© Copyright 2011 Paula Eder, Ph.D.
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