Are You A Good Role Model For Your Clients?

By , Authentic Marketing Expert

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Cindy Schulson - Authentic Marketing Expert

The other day someone, let’s call her Sandra, told me about a coaching program she was considering investing in to help grow her coaching business. She wanted my advice about whether this was a good fit for her.

She told me that the coach spent 90 minutes with her on a free coaching call, and she showed me  the email about the coaching program. I took a look at that email and the coach’s website, and I quickly saw that this wouldn’t be a good fit for Sandra.


Because the coach wasn’t modeling the right way to build your coaching business.

  • She did a free 90 minute coaching call – giving away your coaching is NOT the way to get clients
  • The coach’s website didn’t have a giveaway so she isn’t building a list – BIG mistake
  • The coaching program focused on how much time they would spend together, rather than the steps they would take and the outcomes they would achieve-  sell results, not your time

There are 3 important lessons to learn from this story.

1) Are you modeling the right behaviors for your prospective clients?

I remember listening to a business coach who told me that you should put at least 10-15 follow up emails people get after they opt in to your list. So I went and opted in to his list, and guess what. There were only 2 follow up emails!

If you’re a health coach who helps people eat well and exercise, are you eating well and exercising?

If you’re a communications consultant, are your communications clear and effective?

You need to walk the talk or you lose all credibility.

2) If you’re a coach or consultant, be sure you’re not making these mistakes with your business!

  • Give away your coaching for free – you have to know how to do a strategy session that converts!
  • Have a website that doesn’t offer a valuable giveaway – you have to know how to build your list
  • Sell your time vs. results – you have to know how to present your coaching program with a clear Signature System that makes what you offer tangible with clear steps and results.

3) Before you invest in a coach to help you build your business, look at how they market themselves.

  • Are they building a business that is aligned with what you want to create?
  • Are they marketing themselves with integrity?
  • Is it clear that they CAN help you and that they CARE about helping you?


Cindy Schulson helps coaches and consultants transform their brilliance into magnetic messaging and multiple streams of income. She loves helping her clients sort through their “brain dump” of ideas and discover the golden nuggets that make them shine. Cindy has worked in Strategic Communications for such companies as Coca-Cola and Visa, and now uses her messaging ninja skills to help her clients stand out as the perfect choice for their ideal clients. Get her FREE online training, "How to Use Your Unique Message to Attract Your Favorite Clients" at

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