Hell Hath No Fury Like a Heartbroken Business Owner

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I will start off this post by freely and willingly admitting that my heart has been broken more than once.

The first time was  in 5th grade when this boy Sonny asked my friend Chrissy to go steady with him when he was MY crush. It devastated me. It was the heartbreak of “what could have been, but never had a chance”.

Another was many years later, realizing I couldn’t stay married to the person I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. That was the heartbreak of “Why didn’t I think this one through?”

But affairs of the heart aren’t just for romance – a lot of your business is run from the heart too. And as soon as you bring that into the equation, you’re on the list for possible heartbreak.

Listening to your heart in business is something I espouse- but with a hefty dose of caution because you could end up HEARTBROKEN.

I’ve seen way too many people do things they “felt in their hearts” only to plummet over the cliff financially.

I’ve seen reputations ruined, credibility lost, authority debunked, and deals lost simply because of badly thought out “heart-based” advice.

I’ve witnessed people being coached to go with poorly developed ideas simply because there was an initial stirring in the heart… and then things failed.

The result?

Bitterness. Heartbreak. Fury.

Trust me, I’ve seen it, heard it, dealt with it.

The hardest part is that heartbreak doesn’t go down without a fight. It takes prisoners like your sense of self-worth, the value you place on your talents, your sense of purpose, and the love you have for your work. The image below pretty much sums things up:

 So what does that mean for you?

Should you quit listening to your heart? Guard it so you’ll never feel pain again?

Should you run everything according to “what makes sense” or “what’s already been proven”?

Does your head take full control and lock your heart up someplace where it can do no more harm?

This is a topic extremely important to discuss right now because so many people are coming to terms with failed heart-based plans.

Who’s to blame? You? Your heart? The people who encouraged you to follow your heart? The mean old world we live in?

Of course I’d love your opinions on this in the comments below, but more importantly I want you to join me when I put these questions to the public on a free call I’m hosting on 12/12/12.

The best way we can have a dialog around this topic is to pull it out from under the rug- and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Check out the info page so you can start pondering this topic too and join me when I host the call.

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