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The bags are packed. The kids are wriggling out of their skin with excitement. (And frankly Matt and I are, too.)

Soon we’ll be leaving on our new adventure!

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without completely stopping my business. I simply had too much work to do. Although my dream was to work less to have time with family, it seemed that I had to work more (even with outsourcing many tasks) in order to make a good profit.

Not anymore. Today I usually work about 20 hours a week, plus have time for a few vacations a year. And now, I will be taking off several weeks to celebrate the holidays with family then moving on to help everyone settle in our new home in California.

Like the old cliché, I am not working harder; I’m working smarter. By testing strategies in my own business, I’ve found small tweaks that have helped me make more money or save more money… sometimes in as little as 24 hours after implementing it.

And now, to celebrate, I want to offer you exclusive access to three of my Tweak It and Profit strategies with my Best of Tweak It and Profit as part of my Online Moving Sale.

(Take a look now at

I personally hand picked four of what I considered the very best of my Tweak It and Profit monthly Insider memos to share with you. Before now, only Insider members had access to these exclusive memos, which shares just one small, easy-to-do change to boost your bottom line. These are easy adjustments you (or someone on your team) can make and then see an increase in cash – sometimes in just one days after implementing them!

You’ll immediately start getting a competitive advantage when you implement just one of the four Best of Tweak It and Profit Insider Memos I am sharing:

  • “Boring Bio Begone! How to monetize your bios for the most conversions” You’ll learn my secret to creating bios for websites, events, etc that actually attract customers.
  • “Best Bang for Your Buck! The quick repurposing plan to save your more time.” Want to know how I get so much done without working more than 25 hours a week? This insider memo tells my super smart, super easy strategy to repurposing.
  • “Seasonal Marketing: Spotting the trends that will make your customers want to buy.” You’ll be leaving money on the table if you don’t use these small ways to add more profits by striking when the iron is hot.
  • “Profiting from Your Membership Sites” Membership sites can be a great profit center, but I bet you aren’t making the most of this opportunity to connect with customers and increase your income. This Inside Memo shows you how!

Plus you’ll also get the exclusive 100 Things Every Business Owner Must Do For Online Success and some an additional bonus as well!

And best of all, this is a SALE. So you’ll get everything listed for only $47!

Grab it now, because I’m taking down the sales page on January 5. Although that seems like another year away… it’s really only a couple of weeks. And with the holidays here, it may slip your mind if you don’t act now.

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