How To Know When It’s Time To Fire Yourself

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Think of yourself as the two distinct roles that you play in your business – business owner and employee.

Personality #1: You as Business Owner/CEO.

Does being overwhelmed, unfocused, a slow decision maker and super busy describe you, as CEO?

Or, Are you a driven AND understanding boss? Do you pay your employee(s) well? Do you regularly look for reasons to celebrate your employees work, make sure that they take time off and understand when things don’t always go as planned?

Personality #2: You as Employee.

Do you show up as planned, as a devoted and focused employee? Do you take time to map out your priorities, brainstorm solutions and think outside the box?

I’m guessing that the answer to at least one of the questions above is a big fat NO.

Service based business owners often work for the most tough CEO’s that they’ve ever met – themselves. These CEO’s haven’t given their employee time off, don’t take the time to celebrate their employees successes (gratitude and reflection) nor do they pay them enough (are you paying yourself?).

Sometimes, though, the employee doesn’t show up regularly. Maybe once or twice a week. And the employee isn’t always focused, sometimes spending too much time on social media or wasting time on non-revenue generating activities.

So, I’m wondering…do you need to fire yourself?

Or, do you need to quit?

While it’s not easy to get rid of this boss (or employee), it is easy to improve the working conditions in your coaching business. So, that’s good news.

  • What characteristics come to mind as you think of a powerful leader or someone that you really enjoyed working for?
  • What about being courageous?
  • What about having a focus on the company’s vision and values?
  • What about being OK with – and good at – delegation?
  • What about making decisions quickly?
  • What about the willingness to invest in the business?
  • What about rewarding effort and celebrating successes?
  • What about a readiness to do the inner work that leads to the outer results?
  • What about a patient demeanor that allows for clarity, focus, and strategy?

Not sure where to start? Think about yourself 10 years down the road, successfully running your business empire. How are you acting, thinking, speaking? Next: start acting, thinking and speaking like that.

Hint: The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll be right where she is (and waaaaay before the 10 year mark).

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