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Business advice comes from unexpected and sometimes unlikely sources when you own a business. Not to mention all the business advice you can find on the internet. Everyone seems to have a secret formula to make millions overnight these days.

There is a possibility that unsolicited advice you find online could be useful advice that helps you quickly reach your goals, but the wrong advice can cause you a world of hurt too. The bottom line is; some advice is great and some is just plain bad. The real questions is how do you know the difference? Which advice will move you forward and what advice will hold you back?

One Step at a Time

Sometimes just finding clarity in the problem you’re facing will help you jump the hurdle. Rather than looking for broad answers to problems, tackle one small issue at a time. Identify a single problem you need help or advice on and then seek answers for that specific problem.

For example, if your email marketing isn’t effective, instead of asking for help to revamp your entire strategy, just focus on the next email that you will be sending out. What can you do to make that email successful?

Consider the Source

Does the person giving you advice have successful experience in business? Does he/she have experience on the topic that they are advising you on?

For example, your Uncle Walt may be a fantastic salesman, but if he’s giving you marketing advice, it may not be advice you want to follow. You will also want to consider how dated the advice may be. Uncle Walt may have been as a superstar marketer in his own business 20 years ago but what worked for him then, may not work for you now.

Lastly, consider the intention of the person giving the advice. Are their intentions noble and good, or is it possible they may have a hidden agenda or underlying emotions that may be interfering with their advice.

What YOU Think Matters Most

As you grow and build your business you will ask many questions and seek the answers from a variety of sources. But, in the end the final decision always rests with you. You must be able to weigh the information carefully but it’s more important to trust your gut. You may go against the best advice available and come out ahead simply because you did what felt right for you and your business and listened to your instincts.

Business advice will always to come at you from various directions. Learning to sort through the advice that wrong for you and the advice that’s spot on will help you become a more decisive leader.

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