What is the Perfect Amount of Time to Do a Good Product Launch?

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Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) - Love-Based Biz Strategist and Copywriter

This question comes to me from Jenn Tasnim Savage on Facebook: “What would you say is the perfect amount of time to do a good launch? I’m working on my first product and would love to hear what kind of time frame I am looking at for the best results.”

This is a fantastic question and the answer is it depends. The “depends” is what you’ve planned for what I call the “buzz” section of your launch or the part where you generate excitement by releasing content and/or entertainment.

If you are only doing one buzz piece (a.k.a. preview call or webinar) 1-2 weeks to promote it will work. If you’re combing a couple (a.k.a. preview call plus a couple content videos) you probably want to add some time — maybe 2-3 weeks total.

Now, for what I call the follow up section of your launch — which is the time between when you unveil the sales letter (also known as “opening the cart”) and the time when you either stop accepting orders altogether (also known as “closing the cart”) or simply just stop promoting — I like that time period to be 2-3 weeks. You want enough time to promote the product or program enough to give everyone ample opportunity to buy without it dragging on too long and having “launch fatigue” set in.

In addition, you want the follow up to be long enough that in case something goes wrong, you have time to right the ship and make more sales. If you make the follow up too short and something goes sideways, you have no time to fix it and you’ll just have to live with whatever the results are.

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