Is Your Program Experiencing ‘Failure To Launch’ Syndrome?

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Few things in business are as exciting as seeing a need, putting together a program or product to meet that need, expecting it to quickly fill, only to watch as it fizzles with few, if any, signups.

It’s downright embarrassing, not to mention disappointing.

While it’s easy to blame someone or something (please, don’t even mention that it’s “because of the e______”. Trust me, that isn’t the reason) the truth is, a fizzled launch is easily prevented if you wisely follow certain steps.

Which is why, if you’re planning on offering a new program or product you MUST read these 3 tips. They’ll save you from experiencing a boatload of embarrassment and disappointment and will help you make your next launch a success.

Tip #1 Speed Up Your Planning

What sabotages most launches is taking too long to make the “thing.”

For example: let’s say you’re offering a four week teleseminar program. Instead of spending weeks writing your content, preparing the best exercises and perfecting your handouts, I recommend creating a simple outline that lists what the key benefits are to each of the four classes. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. You can write the detailed content later, as your program begins to fill.

Which brings me to a tip that will help you add more peeps to your program…

Tip #2 Seed, Seed, Seed

Seeding is simply dropping hints that you have something new for your peeps that’s going to solve an important problem they have. I recommend seeding now, even if you’re program is weeks away. This way, you wet peoples’ appetite for what you’re going to launch so they’re more likely to jump on board the moment your sales or opt in page is ready.

Quick guideline I use: Always be seeding something!

Tip #3 Pick The Right Launch Window Timing

If you give too much time for your peeps to think about signing up, their energy and enthusiasm will quickly dwindle down to nothing.

But if you try to rush your launch by only giving a few days for folks to sign up you risk they won’t even see your emails in time.

I recommend allowing four weeks minimum for a higher end program and closer to six weeks is better. Shorter launches only work well if you have a small number of spots (for example, if you have a couple of spots open for a private VIP day with you) or if what you’re offering has a very low price point.

Even With The Best Planning In Place, Do This To Know For Sure Your Peeps Will Leap Into Your Program…

Even the best launch plan will fizzle if the offer is for something only mildly interesting. How do you know for sure? Ask. Run your title and sentence or two description by a few of your clients. Ask them if they would sign up for a program on your topic. Here’s a script you can use:

“I’m thinking about offering a four week teleseminar program that solves the problem for ___________ (name your audience) of ______________ (name the specific problem it solves). I’d love to know if this is something that grabs your attention or sounds appealing to you because if it isn’t, I’ll go back to the drawing board. I really appreciate your honest input!”

Once you know your topic is hot simply follow the launch tips I’ve given you and enjoy your success!

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